San Francisco to Santa Cruz: Top 10 Coastal Stops

Key Highlights Introduction The drive from San Francisco to Santa Cruz along Highway 1 is an iconic road trip that offers breathtaking views of the California coast. This scenic route takes you through charming coastal towns, pristine beaches, and stunning natural landscapes. Whether you’re a nature lover, a food enthusiast, or simply looking for a […]

The Best Foods You’ve Got to Try When You Travel the Globe

When you travel, you want to experience the authenticity of the country you’re in and test your taste buds with traditional dishes. Some of the following might make you want to barf, others are a lot more appealing. So let’s look at some traditional dishes you may be faced with when traveling the world.

Las Vegas Hotel The Mirage Reveals Plans to Close In 2024

After 34 years in operation, The Mirage hotel and casino revealed plans to close on July 17, 2024. But fans of the iconic Las Vegas resort shouldn’t mourn just yet. Resort President Joe Lupo revealed that the closure is part of a larger plan to retheme the resort as Hard Rock Las Vegas, with plans […]

Roads Closed In Tennessee Due to Plane Crash Investigation

Multiple roads in Franklin, Tenn., remained closed on Thursday morning amid an investigation into a small plane crash Wednesday that killed all three people on board, authorities said. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday morning that parts of Davis Hollow Road and Bending Chestnut Road, where they meet Natchez Trace Road, remain closed while […]

26 Air Travel Do’s and Don’ts For The Next Time You Fly

Traveling is stressful enough without your fellow plane passengers behaving badly. Too many people forget basic codes of conduct when they board a plane. It’s better to brush up on common etiquette before you leave for the airport than to be berated by the flight attendant for your unruly behavior. So let’s review some do’s […]

You Won’t Believe How Different Air Travel Used to Be

From airport security to high-class hospitality, air travel in the past was a lot more glamorous than what we experience today. Fifty years ago, the luxuries of flying were more of a priority than safety, and after reading this you’ll see just how much air travel has changed and be glad you live in a […]

24-Year-Old Travels the World on Weekends for Less Than $1K

Elona Karafin had a pretty rough start in life, but now she cherishes living life to the fullest. And the best thing is, she spends less than $1,000 traveling the world on the weekends. So what’s her secret to travel the world on an insanely small budget?

Is Slab City Dangerous And More On California’s Outlaw City

Welcome to Slab City, California’s last free place and an outlaw city like no other. Nestled in the Sonoran Desert, Slab City has gained a reputation for its off-the-grid living, attracting a diverse community of individuals who seek freedom from the constraints of mainstream society. In this blog, we will delve into the intriguing world […]

Breeze Airline Reviews: Things to Know Before Booking

Key Highlights Breeze Airways offer competitive pricing, innovative seating options, streamlined booking process, generous baggage policy, unique routes, excellent customer service, in-flight amenities, rewards program, flexible ticketing options and commitment to safety and cleanliness. Introduction In aviation circles, Breeze Airways is shaking things up as a budget airline committed to value-priced air travel done well. […]

Mastering Interlaken Switzerland Weather: Monthly Insights

Key Notes Overview Interlaken; Switzerland lies on Swiss Alps it’s a perfect location for nature enthusiasts plus adventure seekers who have clear lakes rounding up this place giving great view of attractive mountains. This acts like a gateway through Berne Oberland Region and Jungfrau The area abounds with joyous experiences of nature outside or inside […]