News include articles about travel-related news, such as new airline routes, visa policy changes, and other developments that could affect your travel.

  • Photo of woman wearing sun hat

    In the age of remote work, digital nomads are changing the traditional work environment. By embracing this new trend, Canada is setting itself apart by launching a novel initiative – the Digital Nomad Program. This ambitious initiative aims to attract global remote workers and bolster the Canadian economy. Here’s an in-depth look at this pioneering effort. The Rise of the…

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  • White cruise ship

    Just as hotels have evolved, large-scale cruise ships have undergone their fair share of modifications. From a shift towards more relaxed attire to improvements for safety and environmental conservation, these changes molded the future of cruise vacations. If you’ve yet to set sail, here are some features you won’t likely encounter anymore. From Formal to Casual Attire Photo by Semachkovsky…

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