25 Places That You Must Travel With Your Kids

walt disney world
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Family vacations create the kinds of memories that live on in your kids’ hearts and minds for the rest of their lives. We hear stories all the time about children who grow up, start families of their own, and then take their kids to the same destinations year after year.

When summer vacation hits, see if you can take the family away for an all-American adventure, a European getaway, or something a little more spicy south of the border.

1. Walt Disney World, Florida

walt disney world
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You knew we had to start here! They can’t escape their tagline, “Where dreams come true,” because families from all around the world know it to be true.

It’s worth it to splurge on an all-inclusive resort. You’ll have easy access to an onsite pool for the days you just want to relax close to your home away from home.

Delicious meals and snacks will always be within reach. And, typically, you can arrange for transportation to and from the parks in a breeze.

For more on that, here’s our guide to the best rides in Disney World.

2. Destin, Florida

sunset on the beach
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Florida is an easy choice for families all over the world. Of course, the Orlando area gets a lot of heat because it’s the heart and soul of Walt Disney World.

But, Florida has world-renowned beaches for good reason. Take Key West, St. Petersburg, and St. Augustine as prime examples.

To avoid the spring breakers and college crowds, however, you might want to opt for beach destinations that are a little bit more family-friendly.

Destin, up along the Gulf Coast, is one of your best bets. It’s a family-friendly town with generally calmer waves and plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy like Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park.

3. Virginia Beach, Virginia

virginia beach, virginia
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Moving up along the coast, Virginia Beach is another hotspot for family destinations. Of course, you have easy access to the Atlantic with a plethora of oceanfront properties.

There’s a great boardwalk with plenty of shops and treats to delight in. At night, everyone’s bellies will be full of some of the freshest food this side of the Atlantic.

As with any reputable beach town with a boardwalk, you can send the kiddos to bed happy with three scoops of ice cream.

4. Cape May, New Jersey

victorian homes in cape may, nj
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Further along the hike along the east coast, you have Cape May, New Jersey. It may be slightly lesser known than the infamous Jersey Shore, but its majestic beauty will leave the whole family in wonder.

Again, you’ll have easy access to the Atlantic thanks to a plethora of hotels, B&Bs, and Airbnbs.

There will also be plenty of miles to stroll along the boardwalk and pick up various treats. The kids can play to their hearts’ delight out on the beach all day.

If you can plan it right, Cape May is also a great destination to have a solo romantic dinner in town. The old Victorian homes have romance written all over them.

So, if one of the kiddos is old enough to be trusted to host a movie night, that could definitely be a plan for one of those nights!

5. New York City, New York

new york city
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New York often seems like an adult’s paradise, but it has plenty of offerings for family-friendly getaways. Central Park, alone, with its 843 acres, is full of smaller parks, zoos, walking trails, and picnic areas. If the kids are old enough, they’ll love a bike ride through the park.

You also have plenty of family-friendly museums, theatres, and restaurants to cater to everyone’s tastes. Chelsea Piers is another hotspot for family-friendly fun because it offers mini golf and an array of other activities overlooking the Hudson River.

Like Cape May, if it’s possible for mom and dad to have two or three hours out on the town, of course, New York is the place to do it! For more on how to plan an unforgettable experience in New York, be sure to browse our complete destination guide.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

kids at an aquarium
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If you enjoy exposing your children to the delights of big-city culture, Boston is another great choice. They have their famous open-air market, Faneuil Hall, where the whole family can stock up on treats for the week.

The Boston Children’s Museum is enormously famous, with plenty of interactive exhibits for the kids to enjoy. And, if you found that to be impressive, the New England Aquarium will be equally showstopping.

7. Austin, Texas

people kayaking on a lake in austin
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Let’s take a dramatic turn to the south and head west to Texas. Austin is another great city packed full of science museums and lakeside activities.

The Texas Science Museum on the University of Texas’ campus is a great spot for kids who love animals, dinosaurs, and nature.

To fully optimize your time out on those gorgeous lakes, you might want to book a family-friendly all-inclusive resort in the area. For everything you need to know, check out our ultimate guide to all the best resorts.

8. Breckenridge, Colorado

breckenridge, colorado
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Although Breckenridge is a beautiful ski town, up there with the likes of Aspen and Vail, it’s also a delight throughout the summer months.

You can trade in your snowboards and skis for bicycles and kayaks and still enjoy all the pleasures that come from a few days spent 10,000 feet up in the air with the ones you love.

9. Sedona, Arizona

sedona, arizona
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Sedona, Arizona could easily become one of those places that becomes a part of family tradition. The red and pink rocks will astound the kids, especially if they’ve never seen anything like it before.

Although you have to be careful with the desert heat, the cool nights — filled with cacti and moonlight — are sure to live in their memories forever.

10. San Diego, California

giraffe at a zoo
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San Diego is home to one of the world’s most popular zoos. It’s beautifully done with plenty of animals to feed, love, and hug throughout the day.

If that doesn’t tucker the kids out, a day spent on the Pacific will. San Diego beaches serve up some of the finest sunsets anywhere in the world.

With a cooler packed full of treats and a whole lot of sunscreen, these will be some of your best beach days as a family.

11. Juneau, Alaska

otters in the water
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Although Juneau is one of the most beautiful cities in Alaska, the way to play this is to pack everyone’s bags and head on a cruise to Alaska. There are plenty of all-inclusive options that provide oodles of family fun.

With pools and waterslides right on deck, there’s a lot for the whole crew to do as you make your way up the Inside Passage to the spectacular scenery that only Alaska has to offer.

For more on how to maximize your time at sea, check out our tips on how to unlock all the best cruise ship secrets.

12. Tokyo, Japan

tokyo, japan
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If you’re not interested in doing Disney the American way, pack up the family and head to Tokyo. This puts a totally unique twist on the classic, American Disney version, and spices it up with wonderful injections of Japanese cuisine and hospitality.

The kids will also be blown away by the sights and sounds of a neon city like Tokyo. It’s considered to be very safe, as well, in terms of crime statistics. With restaurants, theaters, and museums, the whole crew is in for a fantastic time.

13. Singapore

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If you end up going to Tokyo and finding it pleasantly clean and inviting, you’ll want to plan next year’s family gathering in Singapore. It, too, has a very low crime rate.

Singapore features world-renowned Botanic Gardens, theme parks, and a special gem called Sentosa Island — only a cable car away.

For more on how to maximize your time in Singapore, be sure to refer to our guide to the beautiful Lion City.

14. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

fish in a coral reef
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Staying in this corridor of the world, you might want to check out the Great Barrier Reef next. Be the first person to expose your young ones to the crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches that only Australia has to offer.

Beyond that, you could also instill a lifelong love of maritime life. With plenty of family-friendly snorkeling opportunities, ocean conservation could quickly become a passion for your little ones.

15. Cape Town, South Africa

elephants at a safari
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Sticking with the theme of extreme wildlife adventures, you might take the family to South Africa for the wild safari adventure of their lifetime.

Seeing animals in their natural habitat like this really ups the ante on even the best zoos like Central Park or San Diego.

16. Giza, Egypt

pyramids in egypt
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This is definitely the kind of trip you’ll want to reserve for when the kids are in their late teens. If you have any history buffs in the house, they’ll go wild when they get a glimpse of the pyramids.

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, a trip to the pyramids is well worth your savings. Just be sure to read all about the necessary safety precautions when traveling to this beautiful corner of the world.

17. Santorini, Greece

santorini, greece
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Heading further north, let’s seek out some sea breezes again. Like the Great Barrier Reef or the pyramids, one look out over the white-washed facades and bright blue waters in Santorini will imprint on your kids’ minds for life.

You can select a lovely resort while you’re here to cater to all your food and relaxation preferences.

And if you’re family is celebrating a college graduate, we suggest Santorini as one of the top eight graduation trip ideas to mark this new beginning in their life.

18. London, England

big ben in london, england
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Like New York, London seems like such a sophisticated city. But, don’t let that fool you! This city is a treasure trove of museums, parks, and theatres for the whole family to enjoy.

One visit to The British Museum could instill a lifelong interest in world history for someone in your family. It could also inspire a real love of classical art if they end up liking what they see.

With plenty of safe neighborhoods to call home for a week or so, there are many ways to plan the perfect family getaway to London that will live on in your children’s memory banks for the rest of their lives.

19. Paris, France

disneyland, paris
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This is another important city to introduce to the kids when they’re young. As a cultural and artistic mecca for people all around the globe, you can open countless doors in your children’s minds.

If you’re able to dabble lightly in museums and parks one day, then you can reward your kids for all their sophistication with another trip to Disneyland, Paris style.

The way Tokyo infuses beautiful elements into its park, Paris does the same with fantastic cuisine, a clean establishment, and plenty of laughter to be had all day long.

If this is your first time, we have a list of the best places to stay that the whole family will enjoy.

20. Legoland, Denmark

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Florida has its own version of Legoland, but if you find yourself in Scandanavia, treat the kiddos to a theme park adventure that only Legos can lay claim to.

These parks meld thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, and showstopping constructions so well. Of course, there will be plenty of treats to eat and several safe accommodations all within reach.

21. Dublin, Ireland

woman playing a fiddle
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Depending on the age of your kids, Ireland stands as another cultural delight. Celtic history may be closely associated with the Viking history you just explored in Denmark, but it has plenty of unique flairs.

Most notably, live Irish music, also referred to as trad music, is incomparable — especially when listened to live.

If you have a sense your kids enjoy the rush of city life, add Dublin to the mix where so can introduce them to a world of music that exists nowhere else.

22. Toronto, Canada

ice hockey player
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Sometimes, it seems like Toronto doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It has so many cultural touchpoints, like the Distillery Historic District and Toronto Island Park.

If you have any up-and-coming hockey stars in the family, they’ll love their visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It’s where the Stanley Cup is featured throughout the year.

There’s also Little Canada, an adorable museum with miniature displays that can teach your tykes about several of Canada’s finest attractions. To help you finalize your plans, be sure to review our guide to the best things to do in Toronto.

23. Chichen Itza, Mexico

mayan temple
Image by Unsplash

Like South Africa, Egypt, and London, you have to keep safety in mind when traveling to these big cities.

But, if you have a sense that your children are going to love world history, then — like the pyramids — you have to show them the ancient Mayan Temples here in Mexico.

Guatemala also has its fair share so, depending on how you can arrange your travels, these will be moments in time that can never be replicated.

24. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

bird in galapagos island
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While you’re south of the equator, you might want to consider the Gal├ípagos Islands. Similar to the stunning animal life in the Great Barrier Reef and African safaris, these islands are a treasure trove for nature lovers.

Of course, this is where Charles Darwin’s famous theories also took root. So, if you have any curious minds in the family, they will surely love this island adventure.

25. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

kids in a pool
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Let’s round off the list with something a little more carefree — a family-friendly all-inclusive resort. The Dominican Republic hosts these resorts in spades and you don’t even need to leave the property to have the time of your lives.

With plenty of on-site food and entertainment, all you need to do is stroll from your balcony to the beach to experience a family vacation that you’ll never want to end.

Make Your Plans and Book Your Travel

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Spin the globe, see where your finger lands, make your plans, and book your travel. There’s a whole world of opportunity out there to explore and who better to expose your children to it than you?

For more on each and every corner of the world, be sure to scroll through our destination guides, chock full of safety and travel tips to help you soak up this great, big world.

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