The Ultimate Guide to All-Inclusive Resorts In Texas

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  1. Texas has a wealth of all-inclusive resorts in the most sublime locales, from the hill country, to the Gulf coast, to the desert sands.
  2. You can choose from an array of curated experiences, including spa treatments, yoga classes, and outdoor activities. 
  3. The menu, wine lists, and poolside snacks alone are enough to lure visitors back, year after year.
  4. With many resorts offering free transportation to and from the airport, it takes all the stress out of traveling to a new setting. 
  5. Both family-friendly and adults-only oases exist, creating tailor-made experiences for every budget.

Since Texas is roughly the same size as certain European nations, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has something for everyone, whether you’re a beach-goer, a mountain-lover, or a desert-seeker. 

When you’re looking for the best all-inclusive resorts in Texas, you’ll find a “go big or go home” approach to this style of vacationing. Fine wine, sumptuous views, decadent bedding, and long lists of activities await you at each of these hot spots. 

Together, let’s explore the best options, whether you want to ride ‘em, cowboy or luxuriate, poolside, from sunup to sundown. 

Lake Austin Spa Resort

aerial view of lake austin spa resort and the pool at sunset
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Let’s start with the star of the state, Austin. The beauty of an all-inclusive resort is you never have to leave the property. And, certainly, that holds true at Lake Austin Spa Resort. Still, it’s nice to have the option to dip into local city life when and where it pleases you. 

When traveling, easy access to nearby cities and towns is important because all the best travel guides will tell you to soak up local color and culture before returning to everyday life. 

When Texas all-inclusive resorts are the topic of conversation, Lake Austin almost always comes up. Its reviews are unrivaled, whether you’re reading about the private, sprawling verandas, luxurious bedding, or healing activities like meditation or kayaking on the lake. 

The decor inside Lake Austin will transport you to another period in time, like a Gilded Age that only exists in Jane Austin novels. 

Every piece of fabric and bedding is sumptuous, making it difficult to know where to start swooning. You can put on your silky, soft robe for a visit to the spa or luxuriate by the pool for hours on end. 

The moment you look out the window of your private quarters and take in the peaceful glistening of the lake, you’ll never want to leave. Lake Austin is a self-contained oasis that will draw you back every time you dream about another escape to an earthly version of Cloud Nine. 

Horseshoe Bay

pool view with view of bay at horseshoe bay resort
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There’s a special part of Texas known as the Hill Country. The rolling roads are dappled with greenery, even throughout the hottest days of the year – and Texas is known for its scorchers. 

The sunsets in the Hill Country shine in such a gorgeous array of pink, purple, gold, and orange that not even the finest Nikon camera can capture their glory. 

Not far from Austin, Horseshoe Bay Resort sits atop some of those rolling hills and becomes center stage when Texas all-inclusive resorts enter the conversation. 

Horseshoe Bay isn’t entirely all-inclusive, but their package offerings are just as magical and memorable. One thing they’re constantly receiving high praise for is their menu offerings. “Fine dining” is sprinkled all across their reviews and you’ll see why the moment you explore their menu.

This could be one to consider if you’d like a family-focused getaway. If that’s your goal, you can choose from either their traditional hotel rooms or three-bedroom condos so everyone can spread out. 

Miraval Austin Resort & Spa

doors into miraval resort in austin
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If the dates for Lake Austin or Horseshoe Bay don’t align with your itinerary, no problem at all. Miraval Austin is just as luxurious and all-inclusive, all the way down to their transportation to and from the airport. 

Miraval has a specific focus: wellness. Their tagline is “Wellness in the Texas Hills.”

Set atop Lake Travis, the crown jewel of the Hill Country, this is a charter topper on any list of all-inclusive resorts in Texas for adults-only because peace of mind reigns supreme. 

A trip to Miraval could be a weekend getaway or a weeklong excursion. But, one thing is guaranteed: you’ll leave here feeling wholly rejuvenated. 

With tailored offerings like equine therapy and holistic spa treatments, this is one of the best resorts to consider when your heart and soul need a little bit of healing. 

While endless rejuvenation will be at your fingertips throughout the entire stay, use some of that energy to explore the heart of Austin, Texas. You won’t be disappointed by the end of that day trip.  

Sage Hill Inn and Spa

outside view of sage inn resort and spa during the day
Image by Sage Hill

One look at the feature photos for Sage Hill will make you click on their “Book Now” button. They’ve somehow managed to import a Rhett Butler-style estate into Texas’ beloved Hill Country. 

After Miraval, this is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Texas for adults-only. Here, too, the focus is healing, rest, and relaxation. Folks come to Sage Hill to read by the pool, book massages with decadent sea salt body scrubs, and stroll through seemingly endless gardens. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, visitors can also plan a day trip to Blue Hole Regional Park, one of the most popular attractions in the entire Lone Star State. 

Cibolo Creek Ranch

view of cibolo creek ranch with a lake in the front
Image by Rustic Vacations

Let’s head west to the best sunsets America has to offer. Cibolo Creek Ranch is located in Marfa, Texas. In fact, if you’re up for the adventure of a lifetime, you might consider continuing to Arizona, New Mexico, or California. 

At Cibolo Creek, you’ll find cowboys who are eager to take you on an array of adventures, from clay shooting, to ATV riding, to horseback riding. 

When you’re on-site, you’ll eat better than you’ve ever eaten at their southwestern-style restaurant, gaze into the captivating desert, and wonder if life gets any better than this. 

Whether you’re sitting in a rocking chair or a poolside chaise lounge, you’ll be completely content with nothing more than a drink in your hand and a beam of sunlight on your skin. 

The interior decor hits all the right notes for a West Texas feel. The sheets, bedding, and mattresses will bring Cloud Nine right to your bedroom door after a show-stopping evening of star-gazing, accompanied by some of the best margaritas to ever pass your lips.

In truth, this might be your best bet in this entire list of all-inclusive resorts in Texas because of its desert setting. On your next vacation, you can soak up the island feel at any one of these St. Thomas Island resorts.

Moody Gardens

pool with people in it and view of moody gardens hotel in background
Image by Visit Houston

Still, if you have your sights set on something a little more tropical within the great state of Texas, you have options!

Galveston Island is a Gulf Coast paradise that beckons visitors all year ’round. Along the coastline, you’ll find the well-reviewed Moody Gardens. While not exactly an all-inclusive resort, it gets pretty close to the mark. 

This could be the adventure-based getaway the entire family remembers for years to come. The resort is designed with three giant glass pyramids, each filled with endless wonders. You’ll discover an aquarium, a rainforest exhibit, and a science museum for the kids to enjoy. 

There’s also ziplining on-site and a long list of menu options to satiate everyone’s appetite. When in doubt, the expansive pool will provide more than enough entertainment from sun up to sun down. 

Since you’re so close to the Gulf Coast, don’t be surprised if you hear fellow travelers boasting about their days out on the island or the Galveston Fishing Pier. 

Both of these destinations are day trips worth their weight in gold and you’ll quickly see what that means the moment you take in a glowing, gulf-facing Galveston sunset. 

Once you see that the kids did well on Galveston Island, you might want to enjoy some more fun in the sun down in the Bahamas. This complete guide will help you choose between the top-rated all-inclusive resorts catered to families.

Lajitas Golf Resort

restaurant inside lajitas golf resort with views of golf course
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Let’s stay south, and move quite a way west. Lajitas Golf Resort is close enough to kiss the Mexican border and brings every bit of color to its doorstep. You can guess the name of the game for this hotspot, but it’s not all about perfecting your swing. 

Lajitas also offers a host of activities for the entire family from horseback riding, to clay shooting, to ziplining. There’s also plenty of room to stretch out and relax, thanks to their iconic Agave Spa. 

As if all that wasn’t enough, Lajitas also features not one, not two, not three, but four on-site restaurants. Not only do the menu options abound, but so do the tequila selections. Don’t be afraid to make this a margarita-fueled getaway because you may never taste a crisper, cooler margarita anywhere else in the world. 

Cedar Cove Ranch

adirondack chairs around a fireplace at cedar cove ranch
Image by CedarCoveRanch

We can’t forget East Texas, home to powerhouses like Houston and Dallas. That’s where Cedar Cove Ranch is nestled. This destination is a hunter’s delight, especially if they’d like to bring the entire family along for the ride. 

Cedar Cove is billed as the unrivaled destination for sportsmen and company-wide retreats. Here, the outdoorsy will find pristine hunting grounds, a private lake that spans 25 acres, luxurious accommodations to nestle into at night, bass fishing, and an array of family-friendly activities. 

On campus, you can choose from three different lodges, each of varying levels of decadence. The Lakeview Lodge, for example, boasts eight private suites for a large family affair. Meanwhile, the Whitetail Lodge has the finishes even an oil magnate would approve of, from marble countertops to stainless steel appliances. 

Included in your stay are kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and an outdoor movie setup for those who aren’t as keen to gas up the ATV and go out hunting. At Cedar Cove, you’ll find a unique collision of top-shelf luxury and prime hunting grounds for the sports enthusiasts of the world. 

The Ritz-Carlton Dallas, Las Colinas

view of ritz carlton in dallas with there golf course and pool during the sunset
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If East Texas is what you had in mind, let’s wrap up this luxurious list with one more Dallas locale. Las Colinas is a 20-minute ride from Dallas in case you have world-class shopping on your mind. 

But, since this is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Texas, you don’t have to lift a finger or walk any further than your doorstep to experience paradise.

These majestic lands are nestled into 431 acres – which is quite a feat for a suburb of Dallas – featuring three pools, a spa, a golf course, three restaurants, and a coffee shop. 

The brand name says it all, but let’s take a closer look at the amenities. To no surprise, there are perfectly manicured greens, a top-of-the-line spa featuring a eucalyptus steam room, and a picturesque pool for ultimate relaxation. 

The staff is more than happy to arrange transportation to an array of Dallas hotspots like the Dallas Museum of Art, Highland Park Village, or Mandalay Canal Walk. 

In fact, that’s one of the best travel tips when embarking on an all-inclusive adventure. Sure, it’s nice to nestle away from the world for five to ten days. But, why not leverage the time with a little exploration in the nearby, local towns? 

However you divvy up your time on this expansive campus, you’ll walk away feeling fully pampered and relaxed. 

The Best All-Inclusive Resorts In Texas

resort pool in texas with waterfall and palm trees
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Texas is a feisty state that stands on its own two feet, thanks to its expansion across desert plains, clear blue coastal waters, lively cities, and rolling hills. 

Whether you’d like to be within reach of the Gulf Coast or experience easy access to Arizona and New Mexico, there’s something on this list for you. 

Conversely, if you have no intention of wearing anything beyond a spa robe or a maxi dress to dinner, you can pick any one of these all-inclusive resorts in Texas for the most magnificent stay. 

If you’d like to head further south on your next all-inclusive getaway, be sure to check out this list of the top 10 Cozumel all-inclusive resorts. With stunning beaches, gourmet cuisine, and endless entertainment options, you won’t be disappointed.

Wherever you’re headed next, keep coming back to explore more of our destination guides. We’ll help you handcraft every trip for success, from doorstep to doorstep.