10 Memorable Milestone Birthday Vacation Ideas

Milestone Birthday Vacation Ideas

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What better way is there to celebrate another year of successes and welcome in a new wave of triumphs than a long list of birthday vacation ideas? If you’re coming up on a milestone, it might be fun to frame it with memories of an all-inclusive resort or a European getaway. 

Whether you travel with a group of friends or your partner or even make it a solo adventure to test your strength, these ten ideas will be the springboard to a new set of stamps in your passport. Get ready to pack light, adventure big, and celebrate a life well-lived. 

1. All-Inclusive Caribbean Resort

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This is a memory in the making, no matter your age. But, if you have 30th birthday vacation ideas in the works, you won’t regret a sun-filled week on a stretch of Caribbean beaches.

Although Atlantic and Club Med are easy wins, you might consider one of the lesser-known resorts like Andros Beach Club or Baha Mar. Once you arrive, it’s up to you if you’d like to spend the day nestled under a palm tree beside the pool or venture into the Barrier Reef. 

Either way, you can’t beat a birthday vacation filled with world-class dining, oceanfront views, spa packages, and endless offerings of umbrella drinks. Check out our in-depth guide to the best all-inclusive resorts to help you plan the Caribbean getaway of your dreams.  

2. Australian Adventure

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Caribbean beaches are tough to beat. With those white, sandy shorelines and clear blue waters, it’s about as close to paradise as possible. 

For your next milestone birthday, however, start making some plans for an Australian adventure. Consider the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its diverse marine life and vibrant coral reefs. This could be your moment to enjoy some sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. 

Port Douglas and Cairns are safe bets if you’d like to get close to the Great Barrier Reef. But you can get even closer with a multitude of beautiful escapes scattered throughout the region, including luxury resorts and low-key abodes. 

Daydream Island Resort is particularly renowned, with its Asian-inspired menu and sweeping island views. Hamilton Island is home to Qualia, one of the best-known luxury resorts on the Great Barrier Reef. Its natural timber and stone construction offer the most relaxing views of the Whitsundays. There, you’ll find everything from private bungalows to an adults-only boutique resort. 

Truly, you can’t go wrong with any of these islands. Nothing will stop you from endlessly gazing over those clear, turquoise waters. But, if you’ve made it this close to the end of the earth, you might as well keep going with a stopover in Sydney before heading further north to Asia. 

3. Asian Exploration

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If you’d like to extend the bliss you experienced in the Great Barrier Reef, you might consider ringing in your next birthday in Bali. With healing rays, sun salutations, luxurious spa treatments, and overall wellness, Bali is your ticket to paradise. It lands atop nearly every list of travel guides for good reason.

With ancient temples, decadent gardens, and surfing beaches all around, zen will be the only thing on the menu. Nyang Nyang Beach showcases greenery-lined cliffs, white sands, and a complete absence of cumbersome crowds. It’s a beautiful alternative to some of the more popular beaches in this gorgeous corner of the world. 

In terms of temples, you simply must visit Gunung Kawi Temple. It’s an astonishing 11th-century complex of courtyards containing cliff-carved shrines along the Pakerisan River. Intriguing myths and legends surround its creation but, no matter which one holds the most truth, you’ll feel a change in the air when you visit this shrine. 

For the artists in your crew, you’ll also want to see the Sukawati Art Market, not too far from Gunung Kawi. You’ll find a treasure trove of framed paintings and hand-carved wooden sculptures to admire as you soak up each interaction with the locals. 

In Bali, you’ll dance under the waterfalls, climb towards heaven in its temples, and savor some of the most spectacular cuisines. Rest and relaxation are the names of the game in this oasis, and what a way to ring in a new year.  

4. Parisian Party

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They say our 40s is the decade we really come into our own. Throughout our 20s, we’re mostly finding our way in life. In our 30s, we’re finally starting to settle down. For 40th birthday vacation ideas, though, it has to be a sophisticated European getaway. 

Paris isn’t only for lovers. It’s for your gorgeous group of girlfriends, too. You’ll have plenty of options in terms of Airbnbs in the Latin Quarter, Le Marais, and Montmartre. 

Depending on how many girls are going and how many ways you can split the bill, you might even up the ante with a luxurious 5-star stay at The Ritz or the Hôtel du Collectionneur near l’Arc de Triomphe. 

For more on what to do during your stay, whether it’s with your gal pals or your lover, check out our travel guide to 3 Days in Paris. We’ll walk you through the benefits of a museum pass, must-see historical marvels, and a few artistic explorations. 

5. Big Sky Delight

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If you have mountains, lakes, and expansive horizons on your mind for your next birthday bash, consider heading west to Montana. The area surrounding the Rocky Mountains in southern Montana is aptly named Big Sky for the way the mountains and horizons spread out like a canvas and go on forever. 

Consider staying in one of the popular Big Sky cities like Bozeman. You won’t be disappointed when you find an eclectic mix of artists, college professors, and ranchers who meld so well together in this beautiful town. 

You can also head further north to Whitefish and stay in a luxurious abode at Montana Treehouse Retreat. If you plan it just right and make this a winter retreat, you’ll never forget the snowy views out your window in the morning and your adventurous stints into town. 

6. Chilean Treasure

treehouse in chile
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Speaking of treehouses, how does one sound in the rainforests of Chile? Being nestled away in a South American forest for a few days is about as memorable as it gets. 

Could life get any more magical in this treehouse in Pucón? That’s just one of many rustic and delightful options to explore. Pucón offers gorgeous retreats right there in the forest as well as access to Calafquén Lake, which is internationally famous for its beaches and sports fishing. Mountains and beaches in one spot – pretty amazing, right? 

While you’re there, this is also your moment to explore all the flora and fauna around you, or go hiking, fishing, camping, bicycling, or fishing. 

Should you opt for one of Pucón’s magical treehouses, you’re also in a prime locale to explore Volcán Villarrica, a famous volcano that allures hikers from all around the globe, and Parque Nacional Huerquehue, known for some of the most picturesque trails in all of South America. 

7. A Week Under the Tuscan Sun

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Our 50s are a wonderful decade where we know who we are, are settled down with family and friends and are gearing up for our retirement plans. Nothing says, “You’ve earned it,” like the rolling hills of Tuscany and nearby Florence. All the best travel guides include these locales and it’s easy to see why. 

In Tuscany, you’ll sip on some of the finest wine this side of heaven and enjoy decadent meals crafted by the descendants of Italian gods. Tours of wineries abound and every drive will serve the most spectacular views. 

Of course, while in Florence, you’ll want to visit the Duomo, which began in 1296, and Ponte Vecchio, which was erected during Roman times. Most of Italy will leave you in awe, wondering how these ancient structures are still standing. 

Since you’ve made it all the way to Tuscany, you might consider the hour-and-a-half train ride down to Rome to continue your culinary delights and historical explorations. 

Of course, before you go, you have to watch Diane Lane’s performance in Under the Tuscan Sun. She’s nowhere near 50 in the film, but she’s certainly gearing up for her next chapter in life. 

8. Greek Getaway

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Like Tuscany and Florence, Greece has its own flair that exists nowhere else. For a true escape, you might aim more toward the islands of Santorini or Corfu rather than Athens or Thessaloniki. 

We included Santorini in our guide to unforgettable graduation trip ideas for the recent college grad looking for a classy European vacation. We already did some of the legwork for you with a list of the finest luxury accommodations, including: 

  • Andronis Luxury Suites
  • Oia Mare Villas
  • Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Never again will light tapas and a crisp white wine taste so fine again after you’ve nibbled on them atop your whitewashed terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

9. The Amalfi Coast

the amalfi coast
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While thoughts of the healing spray from the Mediterranean Sea still linger on your skin, you might want to return somewhere similar for your next milestone birthday – the Amalfi Coast. 

Imagine what a few nights in a luxury villa in Amalfi, Positano, or Ravello would do for your soul as you prepare to circle another year around the sun? Those rugged shorelines that are dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages will live on in your mind forever. 

If your birthday happens to fall between May and September, these are some of the best months to visit because the crowds have dissipated, the rental options open up a little bit more, and you can commingle with the locals in a way you can’t when peak season is in full bloom. 

10. Cruise to Norway

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This is one for the books when it comes to 60th-birthday vacation ideas. No matter your port of call, there’s a luxury cruise liner eager to take you to the star of Scandinavia. 

Consider sailing through some of the most stunning fjords like Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO-listed site, on an electric-powered vessel. If you can find a ferry cruise between Geiranger and Hellesylt, you’ll stand in wonder and quickly see why these fjords are listed as World Heritage Sites. 

Along the way, you’ll also visit historic cities like Bergen or Ålesund, the Venice of Norway. Stavanger is another famous city known for its natural beauty and cultural charm. Only 25 km east, you may also find yourself cruising through Lysefjord, a major attraction for part of the country. 

Cheers to Your Happiest Milestone Birthday Vacation Ideas

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Allow us to raise a glass to your success in life as you flesh out these milestone birthday vacation ideas. Ideally, we know you’ll pack up a few bags and take your favorite friends or family members with you. But don’t be afraid to turn any of these ideas into a sensational solo adventure. 

Sometimes, the stars don’t align to where we can get all our favorite people together for a European or Scandinavian adventure. If so, pack a journal and an extra lens for your iPhone and live your best life, celebrating your past, current, and future successes. 

Should you want to turn any of these destinations into a mother-daughter getaway, we’ve got you covered there, as well. Check out these charming ideas that will help you frame some of your happiest memories with the lady you love the most. 

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