Family Fun in the Sun: Bahamas All-Inclusive Resorts


 colorful buildings and boats docked in the water in the bahamas
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  • If you live in or like to travel through the United States, you might be astonished to realize the Bahamas is only a 45-minute plane ride from Florida. 
  • In the Bahamas, three highlights are the Caribbean cuisine, turquoise waters, and white sandy beaches. 
  • When you’re not gliding through the seas, thanks to a diving package through any one of these all-inclusive resorts, you’ll be lounging poolside, with an unending view of those sea blue waters. 
  • Parents can golf and luxuriate in any of the below spas; kids can soar like eagles as they fly down the waterslides at any of the waterparks listed. 
  • One thing remains: the memories that are made on the sunny shorelines of the Bahamas are vibrant enough to last a lifetime.  

When families are looking for a tropical getaway, it’s easy to see why the Bahamas ranks highly on their lists. To make all the moving parts run smoothly, your best bet is to consider one of the Bahamas’ all-inclusive family resorts. 

Traveling in this style removes the risk of overspending and blowing your carefully planned budget. When accommodations, food, drinks, activities, and entertainment are all squared away before you step off the plane, you’re setting yourself up for major success. 

Let’s take a stroll down the sandy beaches of some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas for family memories that will live on in your hearts and minds forever. We’ll sail across several of its islands, including Grand Bahama, Nassau, South Andros, and more.  

Viva Fortuna Beach By Wyndham

an aerial view of the viva fortuna beach by wyndham beach and resort
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Viva Fortuna Beach often tops the long lists of the best all-inclusive family resorts in the Bahamas for its exceptional value, even as a five-star resort. But high-class resorts are Wyndham’s forté. You’ll find them proudly displayed on lists of Cozumel all-inclusive resorts

Wyndham gets all-inclusive right with their array of included indulgences. With over five restaurants and two bars, including a la carte and buffet options, you can dine in delight 24 hours a day at Viva Fortuna. Of course, there are many authentic Caribbean dishes to dig into. But, it’s also known for its amazing Asian and Italian options. 

Viva Fortuna has the distinct pleasure of being propped atop the island of Grand Bahama and hosts a wide array of aquatic activities, including pool time, fresh dips in the ocean, beach volleyball, and paddleboarding. 

Like so many other tropical hotspots in our destination guides, Viva Fortuna takes aim at the Caribbean’s favorite activity: scuba diving. If you’re brave enough, you can even dive with the local sharks and dolphins. For something a little more tame, you can also opt to explore an underwater cave where magic takes flight or poke around the ruins of a shipwreck, a la Little Mermaid.  

It’s hard to imagine how easy it is to get here; if you happen to be coming from the US, you’re looking at a 45-minute flight from Fort Lauderdale or, perhaps even more scenic, a three-hour ferry ride. 

Since family-friendly is the name of the game at Viva Fortuna, it’s not likely you’ll want to be apart. But, if you’d like a night under the stars with nothing more than an umbrella drink in your hand, you could easily entrust your little ones to the care that’s offered at Viva Fortuna’s Kids Club. 

Andros Beach Club

overview of andros beach club with the beach and ocean right outside
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Andros Beach Club comes in a close second to Viva Fortuna for its great value as a four-star resort. It’s also situated in the second most scenic spot. Dazzling atop the white, sandy shorelines of South Andros, the second largest island in the Bahamas, you’ll find this all-inclusive boutique resort that showcases all the underwater activities tourists come here to enjoy. 

There’s something else about this resort that makes it one of the best Bahamas all-inclusive resorts for family fun. The staff here will be more than happy to help you make your way to the world-renowned Blue Holes and Andros Barrier Reef. The blue holes are ancient limestone caves carved into the ocean floor. Their unique formation makes them a hotspot for biodiversity and rare species. 

And that’s just one afternoon. On any given day, you can indulge in an array of watersports, including deep-sea fishing, spearfishing, kayaking, and scuba diving. 

Farm-to-table dinners are popular all around the globe for their unbeatable freshness and organic benefits. But, how about sea-to-table? With freshly caught batches of lobster, crab, snapper, and more, you’ll find the meals here are incomparable. 

Back to the boutique feeling that only Andros can provide. At any given time, the maximum capacity is 20 guests. When you’re here, you’ll have your choice between a three-bedroom villa, a three-bedroom beach house, or a two-bedroom suite. Imagine what memories await if you booked the entire beach club for a small wedding or family reunion?

Andros is a little reminiscent of one of Texas’s finest all-inclusive family resorts, Lajitas, if you’re interested in something stateside on your next getaway.  

Lighthouse Pointe at Grand Lucayan Resort

 view of lighthouse point pool view at grand lucayan resort in freeport
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Lighthouse Pointe is an all-inclusive resort that packages up something for everyone. You’ll find unlimited golf on Reef Course for anyone looking to practice their swing.

Naturally, the beaches are unrivaled; the lighthouse will beckon you ‘home’ each evening. And no stop-over in paradise would be complete without a day (or three) at the spa. 

As part of their all-inclusive package, you can also partake in cave diving at Lucayan National Park and explore an underwater cavern with an extensive labyrinth of caves. Never again will you ever feel this unplugged from the rigors of daily life. 

Horseback riding, biking, bird watching, and watersports are also on the menu for you here. Every morning, your family will wake up with a renewed sense of life, wondering what adventure awaits the next. 

With a lovely selection of restaurants and bars, there are plenty of sumptuous ways to end the day. You’ll particularly enjoy Waves Bar & Grill and its authentic Caribbean cuisine. 

Baha Mar Resort

view of the bahamas resort with waterpark
Image by Baha Bay – Baha Mar

Instead of using your flippers beneath the sea, how about flying through the air at a waterpark? Baha Mar is one of the best all-inclusive family resorts in the Bahamas with a waterpark. 

How often do your kids get to stay somewhere with huge, sweeping water slides in their backyard? Baha Bay is Baha Mar’s beachfront waterpark that will make hours seem like minutes. Although this is, of course, a manmade magnificence, it perfectly fuses into its natural surroundings. 

Baha Mar stretches across Cable Beach in Nassau, serving up three iconic oceanfront hotels on a silver platter, each with a selection of pools and views more stunning than the next. 

If there’s an opportunity for the adults in your party to have a little me-time, you’ll also be amazed by Baha’s Vegas-like casino – also with ocean views – or any number of fine dining experiences. 

Atlantis Bahamas

  aerial view of royal tower at the atlantis resort on paradise island in nassau
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If flying through the air with the greatest of ease remains a high priority, there’s another destination that towers above all the rest – Atlantis. With five miles of white, sandy beaches, over 20 swimming areas, and private cabanas for the taking, Atlantis has earned its reputation as the queen of all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas for family getaways.

Not only is it the most iconic resort in the Bahamas, it also features an adrenaline-pumping waterpark for the whole family to enjoy. Aquaventure is a 141-acre waterpark that features steep water slides, expansive river rides, and pools of endless varieties. 

Be sure to explore our travel guides, whether you’re in the mood for wildly popular destinations like Atlantis or secret getaways off the beaten path. 

Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau

 aerial view of resort in the bahamas located right on the beach
Image by Margaritaville Resort

Since Nassau is the thrill-seeker’s paradise, there’s one more worthy candidate on a list of all-inclusive family resorts in the Bahamas with a waterpark. 

Jimmy Buffet knows a thing or two about island life. And, boy oh boy, does Margaritaville Nassau deliver. In blissful shades of blue and white, the decor alone will dazzle you. 

Once you get past check-in, it’ll be tough to know where to begin. Will it be the waterpark? The lazy river, the sandy shorelines? How about a little paddleboarding or a delicious drink beneath the warm rays of the sun? 

You’ll definitely want to come with a plan because there’s so much to look forward to here and you won’t want to miss a single minute of it. Their website is updated regularly with a bustling calendar of events. 

And, when everyone needs to take a break from the rigors of the sun, you can step inside Icons Entertainment Center for some air-conditioned fun. There, you can enjoy virtual reality sports, bowling, billiards, and a private movie theater. 

Club Med Columbus

 a couple of people on surfboards in the ocean
Image by Club Med

Like Wyndham, Club Med is synonymous with top-shelf treatments in a warm and inviting environment. Here, the staff hardly ever say no as they serve up memory after memory on a silver platter. 

Your family will have a whopping 89 acres to explore, including land and sea activities alongside the turquoise waters only the Bahamas beholds. Club Med is as Pinterest-perfect as it gets with its private balconies that open up to the wide expanse of unmistakably clear blue water. 

While you’re building out your Pinterest board, take a sail through our best travel guides to see where you’d like to land next. 

At Club Med, you can savor an open-air massage before you dine in splendor at any of the on-site restaurants or bars. Of course, Club Med isn’t just well-stocked with adult delights. 

At Junior Club Med, kids between the ages of 11 to 17 can make some new friends as they stroll the insta-path that winds its way through this genuine slice of paradise. Then, everyone can reunite for a boatload of activities, including beach volleyball, paddleboarding, tennis, and more. 

Breezes Bahamas

 view of breezes bahamas resort and spa with two big pools located on the beach
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We’ll close out with something intangible that leaves an indelible mark on everyone’s hearts and minds long after they’re gone: the Caribbean breezes that float through the air and kiss the skin. 

Breezes Bahamas is home to one of the finest all-inclusive family resorts due to its unbeatable selection of beachfront rooms. When you’re not watching the clouds drift by from a hammock, you can watch them do the same from a freshwater swimming pool. 

Other activities include volleyball, tennis, pickleball, and table tennis. When you’re ready to cool off, make your way to the swim-up bar for something on ice, and then see if the kiddos might like to build a sand castle on Cable Beach. 

The Best Bahamas All-Inclusive Family Resorts for Your Loved Ones    

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If a week in paradise is something you want to provide for your loved ones this year, these are the best Bahamas all-inclusive family resorts for you to choose from.   

Spend some time on their websites; see which one lures you in like the siren song of a mermaid. You can’t go wrong, no matter which resort you select. 

Once you get a taste for this level of luxury through any of our destination guides, you’ll want to do everything within your power to make these kinds of getaways a recurring theme. After the Bahamas, why not sail down to the US Virgin Islands the next time? 

Here’s your ultimate guide to St. Thomas all-inclusive resorts. Although it’s a bit like trying to pick the perfect diamond ring from a luxury jeweler, we have faith you’ll pick the créme de la créme for your family’s style. Happy sails!