15 Cruise Lines Perfect for Solo Travelers

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The travel landscape is evolving, with solo adventures experiencing a significant boom. While cruises might not be the first thought for independent explorers, several cruise lines are now actively searching for solo travelers. We’ve curated a list of the top 15 cruise lines catering to independent explorers, offering exceptional solo-friendly amenities and a diverse range of destinations to set sail towards.

Celebrity Cruises

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Celebrity Apex is the #1 ship for singles looking to mingle. There are several options for solo travelers to mingle, such as social events and solo excursions. There are also studio-style rooms available for singles.

Virgin Voyages

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There are two cabin categories for solo travelers. The first is the ‘seriously suites, ‘ which are more upscale. The other is the studio cabin, which is for singles who do not prefer to spend extra money on their room but rather on the adventure. Virgin Voyages cruise ships offer adults fun activities on and off-board, like a record shop, tattoo parlor, and fine dining restaurants, which are rare on cruises.

Oceania Cruises

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Oceania offers solo cabins as the market for solo traveling continues growing tremendously. The Concierge Level Solo Veranda stateroom is available for singles looking to cruise lavishly. Oceania offers rooms catered to singles and holds mixers, communal dining tables, and interactive shore excursions to meet as many people as possible.

Holland America Line

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From mixers to cocktail parties, games, and excursions, Holland America Line is prepared to host those single cruisers. Another impressive feature of this cruise line is its Single Partner Program, allowing single/ solo passengers of the same sex to share a cabin (they must agree). This program will enable travelers to meet new people and purchase a cabin fit for two people for the price of one.

Princess Cruises

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Princess Cruise Line has established itself as a single/solo-friendly cruise with a boatload of events catered to singles. For example, the cruise line holds cocktail parties exclusively for singles, allowing these solo travelers to mingle with one another on board. Not only does this cruise line have cocktail parties, but it also offers several activities like yoga, tennis, and cooking classes catered to single travelers.

Norwegian Cruise Line

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Norwegian Cruise Line was one of the first major cruise lines to promote the single-cruising trend. Now, on six of their cruise ships, singles can reserve a studio-style stateroom perfect for just one. In addition to the studios, single cruisers have access to their exclusive studio lounge, allowing all singles to interact and meet one another in a secluded space.

Cunard Line

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Cunard Cruise Lines offers exceptional singles-only cruises, but you should only choose this line if you want to sail across numerous oceans. With the abundance of sea days vs port days, singles and solo travelers will have enough time to meet one another on these ships. Also, the convivial onboard atmosphere practically sets up solo travelers to interact with each other.

Royal Caribbean International

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Royal Caribbean has somewhat copied what Norwegian has offered to solo travelers. In RC’s new and old cruise ships, solo cabins are available for those traveling alone. Now, Norweigan’s solo cabins provide no view of any sort, but Royal Caribbean has to one-up them in terms of this. All the studio cabins offer either an ocean view with a balcony or a virtual balcony (basically looks like a veranda, but it portrays the real-time view of outside). Royal Caribbean allows solo travelers to meet up with others by hosting meet-ups dedicated to those traveling solo, so there will be a chance to find others in the same boat as you!

Seabourn Cruises

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Renowned for unparalleled luxury, Seabourn caters to solo travelers seeking an indulgent adventure. Their intimate ships create a cozy atmosphere, ideal for unwinding and enjoying personalized service. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on a private balcony or indulging in world-class cuisine, Seabourn ensures an unforgettable solo travel experience.

MSC Cruises

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MSC has multiple ships catering to single travelers. Over five ships have studio interior and exterior staterooms dedicated to solo travelers. Not only does this cruise line cater to solo travelers with staterooms, but it also hosts a few different events to have other solo travelers mingle. MSC’s complimentary cocktail parties invite singles to mix and mingle in a more secluded environment. Also, the amount of onboard entertainment and activities allows countless meeting opportunities for solo travelers.

Costa Cruises

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On eight of its fourteen ships, Costa offers solo cabins, each with a twin bed and some choices between an interior or ocean view room. The only Costa Cruises ship with extra perks for solo travelers is the Costa Diadema, which has the most solo cabins available.


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If you happen to be searching for a cruise within Europe or Asia as a solo traveler, then Amawaterwayes is the ship for you. There are single rooms on four of their river cruise ships, and their boats are already smaller, perfect for a more innate experience. The small ship size allows solo travelers a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in which to relax and socialize with other travelers in the same boat.

Viking Cruises

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The Viking Cruise Line is ideal for solo travelers exploring European countries via cruising. Although this cruise line offers some particular solo traveler deals at times, many travelers say the cruise isn’t worth it. Most travelers dismiss this cruise line with single cabins costing up to 200% more than the double occupancy rate. So, if you are looking into sailing with Viking Cruises as a solo traveler, search for the special fares they offer.

Silversea Cruises

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Silversea Cruise Line is the best choice for solo travelers looking for a more intimate setting to meet other travelers. Here, solo travelers can genuinely thrive. Silversea focuses on smaller ship capacity and fosters a more intimate atmosphere, perfect for sparking conversations and developing connections. This cruise line also goes the extra mile with enrichment programs designed to unite all passengers, whether traveling solo or not.


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Azamara cruise line is renowned for its destination immersion, making it a perfect fit for those singles looking to cruise lavishly. Be on the lookout for exclusive deals and rates Azamara offers those seeking to travel solo. Also, Azamara offers up to 125% off stateroom fares for those solo travelers.

Bottom Line

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So, ditch the fear of missing out and embrace the freedom of solo travel. Set sail confidently, knowing our curated list has identified the top cruise lines catering to solo travelers.

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