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Things Only 70s Kids Remember

Been missin' the good old days? You're not alone in that vibe. If you were groovin' in the 70s, you'd get this: it seriously feels like that whole era just happened yesterday. How can it be that the 70s are already five decades behind us?

The time of bell bottoms and those trusty 8-track tapes, it's like it was just yesterday. For those of us who rode that rollercoaster of a decade, it's a part of us that's never gonna fade away. If you were a kid in the 70s, here are some things that are likely to make you feel nostalgic! 

Roller Disco Parties

Closeup legs of people dancing in a disco surrounded by lights in colorful shiny clothes and trendy metallic shoes in 70s style. Ilustration, Generative AI
Photo by saquizeta on Adobe Stock

Dances have been organized so young people could socialize for literally hundreds of years. However, the 70s had its own flavor. Imagine those same dances with rollerskates! That’s exactly what roller disco parties were. Imagine dancing to Wild Cherry or Bee Gees songs with wheels strapped to your feet. Looking back, it’s a miracle no one broke a leg just going in for a kiss!

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