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Hidden Gems and Expert Tips for the Ultimate Cruise Experience

Be an Early Riser for Prime Deck Chairs

During your cruise vacation, you can lounge by the pool, enjoy the sun, and relax with a refreshing drink in hand. To secure the best deck chairs near the pool or in other popular areas, wake up early and claim your spot. Prime seating can fill up quickly, especially on sea days when everyone is on board. By being an early riser, you can avoid the rush and have your pick of the best spots.

deck chair
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Arriving early to claim your spot also allows you to take in the peaceful atmosphere of the ship in the morning hours. Enjoy a quiet moment, sip coffee, and take in the stunning views before the crowds arrive. Additionally, you can use this time to take advantage of other early morning offerings, such as sunrise yoga classes or a leisurely walk around the ship's deck. Embrace the early mornings on your cruise to enjoy the best seating, serene moments, and a jump start on the day's activities.

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