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Catch a Movie Under the Stars

Many cruise lines offer outdoor movie screenings on the pool deck or in other open-air venues, adding an enjoyable and relaxing entertainment option for passengers.

Large movie screen over swimming pool on cruise ship
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Some of the cruise lines that offer outdoor movie screenings include:

  1. Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival's "Dive-In Movies" are featured on the pool deck, where guests can watch movies while lounging on deck chairs or even from the pool itself.
  2. Disney Cruise Line: Disney cruises often host "Movies Under the Stars," showcasing Disney classics, new releases, and family favorites on a giant LED screen by the pool.
  3. Princess Cruises: Princess Cruises offers its "Movies Under the Stars" program, where passengers can enjoy movies on a large LED screen on the pool deck, complete with complimentary popcorn, warm blankets, and comfortable seating.
  4. Royal Caribbean International: Royal Caribbean screens movies on the pool deck in their "Dive-In Movies" program, which features a variety of popular films and recent releases.
  5. Celebrity Cruises: Celebrity hosts "A Taste of Film" events on select ships, offering passengers an open-air movie experience paired with a multi-course tasting menu inspired by the film.
  6. Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line features outdoor movie screenings on some of their ships as part of their "Movies by the Pool" program, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy a film under the stars.

Be sure to check the specific amenities and entertainment options for the ship you're interested in, as not all ships within a cruise line may offer this feature.

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