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Decoding the Secret Language of Cruise Ship Crews

Cruise ship employees use secret codes to communicate discreetly around passengers. This ensures smooth operations without disturbing your experience.

cruise ship crew
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The "secret language" of cruise ship crews refers to the codes, phrases, and terminology used by staff and crew members to communicate discreetly, often over the ship's public address system. These codes allow the crew to share information about incidents, emergencies, or other situations without causing panic or confusion among the passengers. While codes can vary between cruise lines, some common ones include the following:

  1. Code Alpha: Medical emergency on board. This code alerts the medical team to respond to a specific location on the ship.
  2. Code Bravo: Fire or potential fire on board. The crew uses this code to alert the relevant team members to assess and manage the situation without alarming passengers.
  3. 30-30 or PVI (Public Venue Inspection): A code used to alert crew members to perform a thorough cleanliness and safety inspection of public areas.
  4. Code Oscar: Man overboard. This code signals to the crew that a passenger or crew member has fallen overboard and prompts immediate response and rescue procedures.
  5. Code Papa: Pollution or environmental issue. This code is used when there is a pollution-related situation, such as an oil spill, that requires attention from the crew.
  6. Code Sierra: Security threat or disturbance. This code alerts the security team to handle situations like unruly passengers or potential threats to the safety of the passengers or crew.
  7. Mr. Skylight: This phrase may be used to refer to a deceased person onboard. It allows the crew to communicate about the situation discreetly without alarming passengers.

To sum up, while this undercover lingo may surprise you, it's all in the interest of maintaining a seamless cruise experience.

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