What to Wear in the Hamptons: A Complete Style Guide

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  • Linen and lace are staple fabrics in a summer suitcase headed for the Hamptons.
  • In terms of swimsuits, the Hamptons call for a little more modesty than colorful hotspots like Miami.
  • Maxi dresses and sarongs will never go out of style, and that includes the Hamptons.
  • Other summer staples that wait all year to be pulled out of the closet include espadrilles and rompers.
  • Accessories should be minimalistic, but don’t shy away from sparkling shades of shimmering gold.
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A Complete Style Guide on What to Wear in the Hamptons

When wondering what to wear in the Hamptons, the guidelines are simple: soft, flowing fabrics and billowing skirts. Don’t be afraid to let your sarongs touch the patio floor as you light the tiki torches and prepare for clambakes.

It’s hard to say how or why the Hamptons maintains such an air of grace and sophistication, but it certainly does. Think more along the lines of linen pants and cashmere sweaters than neon pink miniskirts.

In a way, this makes packing a breeze, full of neutral tones and sparkling accessories. From your earrings to your espadrilles, we’ll help you pack the perfect weekender for the getaway of your dreams.

Soft Linen Shorts and Pants

linen pants
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Linen is, without question, the best summer fabric. It’s lightweight, breathable, and oh-so-chic. If you’re traveling to the Hamptons via public transit, you might want to wear linen pants for the commute. 

Once you’re on the beach, you can tuck your hands into a chic pair of linen shorts as you stroll the sandy shorelines. During the heat of the day, you can pair your linen shorts with a delicate tank top or a white cotton t-shirt with a small pocket on the lapel. 

Linen is such an effortless, chic fabric that you can also pair it with a light sweater when you’re sitting around the fire at night, enjoying a glass of rosé. 

Like any other material, linen comes in an array of colors. But, in terms of what to wear in the summer, stick to a nice, neutral tone. That will pair well with any tank top, t-shirt, or soft, light sweater. 

Linen bottoms do require a couple of travel hacks: you either need to pack a small steamer, or ensure your Airbnb or hotel has an iron on hand.

High Waisted Jeans

high waisted jeans
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Opting for a lighter wash, high-waisted jeans are very much in style this summer and the best answer to what to wear to a clambake in the Hamptons. They’ll pair beautifully with a unique, white tank top to complement the light wash of the jeans. 

Look for a one-shoulder tank with a bit of ruching or floral detail to spice things up. Then, you can add a few fun accessories to accentuate the look, including a wrist full of bangles or colorful chandelier earrings to kiss the top of the ruching on your left shoulder. 

Bathing Suit

bathing suit
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There’s a stark difference between Miami and The Hamptons. In Miami, you can wear that electric pink barely-there bikini and no one will bat an eye. 

The Hamptons has a different air about it. Think champagne and pearls. Because of this, you’ll want to opt for a suit that’s a little more modest. Consider an embroidered design or a fashionable one-piece with unique elements. 

If your heart’s set on a two-piece, try for something with a 1950s flair like a high waist that can still hug your figure without putting you too much out of place. 

While we’re on the subject, be sure to lean into our guide to the best beaches in the Hamptons to see which one you’d like to frequent during your stay in paradise. 

Cover Ups and Sarongs

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Cover ups and sarongs turn a simple bathing suit into an elegant affair. Imagine the way the breeze will billow through a gorgeous, floor-length sarong as you stroll the beach or set out a platter of champagne flutes for your Sunday brunch. 

In fact, cover ups can be twice as sexy as that barely-there bikini you’re tempted to sneak into your bag. Leaving plenty to the imagination often speaks volumes. And, when you pair a silk sarong with a wide-brimmed hat, you’re entering Pretty Woman territory. 

This season, Anthropologie has some of the cutest cover-ups, including a lace mini dress offering that perfect balance of elegance and style. 

Evening Dress

evening dress
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The Hamptons has some of the cutest villages on the eastern seaboard. No matter where you’re staying, you’ll want to enjoy an evening out on the town.

You might consider a white shirt dress with a woven or leather belt. If you invested in a decadent Versace maxi dress or Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, this is your moment. 

The key to what to wear in the Hamptons always comes back to one point: easy, breezy elegance. You want to feel that seaside breeze dance upon your skin as it embraces every ounce of your sunkissed skin. 

Evening Shoes

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Espadrilles wait all year to be broken out. A light, summery wedge is another great alternative. Espadrilles rule the day, though, when you’re introducing summer sands into the equation. Tory Burch is the queen of summertime sandals. To no surprise, their line of espadrilles will also rock your world.

Alternatively, these Castañer Carina Wedge Espadrilles will blend beautifully with your linen pants and also provide a bit of balance to that brightly colored Versace maxi dress, serving two purposes with one sleek pair.  

Colorful Romper

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Like espadrilles, rompers wait all year for their time in the sun. Some may be dressy enough for your night out on the town, especially if you find a nice satin or lace romper. But, they may be better-suited for that Sunday brunch out on the back patio or picnic on the beach. 

Rompers are great because they often have well-defined waistlines and pockets. It’s nice to be carefree – or purse-free – and just stick a chapstick and a room key in your pocket and go. Either way, a colorful romper manages to be girly yet sophisticated, especially when you break out that stack of bangles or a gorgeous leather clutch to complete the look.

Classic Summer Dress

summer dress
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Sticking with a similar length, add a knee-length floral summer dress to your weekend bag. If you can’t wear a short, frilly, feminine sun dress in the Hamptons, where can you? Summer travel tips all but demand mini dresses and floral prints.

Whether you opt for a square-neck minidress, a drop-waist, or even a midi, a summer dress should be one of the first things you lay out on the bed as you plan your outfits for one of the best summer vacations of your life. 

Maxi Dress

maxi dress
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Maxi dresses offer a lot more drama than a cute, floral summer dress. Pack one with a gorgeous print for an evening dinner on the beach. When you walk down a boardwalk with the breeze flowing through the skirt, heads will turn. 

In our article that details how to get from JFK to the Hamptons, we talk about chartering a helicopter or yacht to get where you’re going. Being aboard a yacht is absolutely your time to shine in that Versace maxi, paired with a wide-brimmed hat, and a jangling wrist of bangles with a campagne flute in-hand.

Panama Hat

panama hat
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The Panama hat waits all year for its moment, just like espadrilles and rompers. This unisex style also answers the question of what to wear in the Hamptons for men. 

Eye and skin protection are vital whenever you’re planning to spend time in the summer sun. Wide-brimmed straw hats are also perfect for shielding your face and neck, and they’re oh-so-posh, especially when paired with that billowing maxi. There are few moments in life when we can effortlessly tie in a Panama hat and the Hamptons is it. 

Clutches and Cross Bodies

crossbody bag
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You may not be able to go completely purse-free with your pocketed romper. In which case, you might consider a small clutch or casual crossbody. Crossbodies are tough to pull off in the winter months when we’re layered down and trying to stay warm. That makes them the perfect pairing for a summer romper, midi dress, or pair of high-waisted jeans. 

A nice leather clutch will also complete your outfit when you hit the town for a meal from some of the finest chefs in the nation. With the scent of sunscreen and lip balm still lingering, all you’ll need in your clutch is your Lancome lip gloss, a small card wallet, and a voracious appetite. 

Golden Accessories

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To match the golden sunrises and sunsets you’re about to embrace, pack some of your favorite gold accessories. Bring some bangles to cheerfully chime with the waves of the ocean. All the travel hacking tips will tell you to stick to items you can mix and match throughout your stay, no matter where in the world you’re headed.

You’ll also want a pair or two of chandelier earrings with colorful details to brighten up those neutral linen tones. A delicate necklace with a single pearl or golden pendant will also pair well with every item on this list of what to wear in the Hamptons 2024.

Neutral Makeup Palettes

neutral makeup
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We can’t discuss gorgeous outfits without the right makeup routine. Summer makeup should always be light, natural, and neutral. Think shimmering glosses, coral-colored eye shadows, and delicate dashes of highlighter across those sun-kissed cheekbones.

Pack your Versace all day lipsticks in neutral tones. Bring a soft, shimmering light-pink blush. Bring the wispies, instead of your favorite, full-feathered falsies. The sea breezes and the sun will work their magic on your skin, so it’s more about moisturizer and bronzers than full coverage when you’re vacationing on the southern shorelines of New York State.

Complete Your Look With This List of What to Wear In the Hamptons

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And there you have it! All your bases are covered with a few linen details, a flowy dress or two, stonewash jeans, and sky-high espadrilles. You can dance the night away on those Hamptons patios and host a world-class clam bake with any one of these options. 

Since you’ll be looking like a million bucks, be sure to browse our guide to the best things to do in the Hamptons. No matter what you decide upon, we can guarantee the most memorable summer. Hope to see you out there! 

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