Is French Bee a Good Airline? Honest Reviews Revealed

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Key Highlights

French Bee is a budget long-haul airline situated at Paris’ Orly Airport ORY. The airline provides nonstop flights from the U.S., including to destinations such as Paris and Tahiti.

  1. The fares of French Bee are competitive, having in mind that even basic fare includes personal item carry-on bag.
  2. The company offers premium economy class with additional amenities which include meals and checked baggage.
  3. French Bee’s fleet consists of brand new Airbus A350s with seatback entertainment screens and comfortable seating options.
  4. Reviews for this airline have been positive as far as their inflight experience and customer service is concerned.


Offering low-cost, long-haul flights from the US to Paris and Tahiti, French Bee has just entered the aviation industry. With affordable rates, unique services making it an attractive choice for many travelers planning a trip soon. Also important to note this blog post will define notable highlights, safety measures, passenger experiences, booking procedures, on board experience among others. By examining real passenger reviews and answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) readers will be able to gather some travel tips and see if French bee can help them meet their travel needs.

French Bee’s Model and Market Position

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It operates according to a low cost long haul model hence ensuring that it offers cheap air tickets for long distance travelling passengers. Saving money for customers is achieved by prioritizing cost efficiency through streamlining its operations while targeting mainly French holidaymakers but also expanding route network to American tourists. French Bee currently represents one of the major players in the low cost long haul sector given its competitive fares and market growth rates.

Origins and Growth of French Bee Airlines

Flights to Reunion Island were French Bee’s starting position when it was founded in 2016 at Paris Orly Airport (ORY). Flights were later expanded into Paris-Tahiti thus making travel easy within ORY airport premises. It has been the most sought after airline for budget travelers due to non-stop flights from USA to Paris and Tahiti.

Is French Bee a Good Airline

The number one question that is asked over and over again is “Is French Bee a good airline?” Overall, French Bee is a good airline for those travelers who are looking for more budget friendly fares when traveling internationally, while also understanding that low cost also means low luxury. There are few French Bee airline reviews that could be taken positively and negatively. These mixed reviews are in terms of poor customer service, hidden fees and uncomfortable seating (subjective). But, when we compare to other budget airlines these similar reviews pop up. With that being said, read on to form an opinion on if French Bee is a good airline for you!

Why is French Bee So Cheap

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The low-cost, long-haul model of French Bee has three fare alternatives that are basic, smart and premium (huge travel hacks). This makes it an attractive option for people flying out of major US cities like New York to Europe and French Polynesia. In its operations, it emphasizes cheapness but not at the expense of good quality service and safety in order to win over customers’ trust.

French Bee Airline Review: Safety

French Bee has put in place enhanced safety measures and protocols that focus on passenger safety first. These include better cleaning procedures, social distancing, masks being compulsory for passengers as well cabin crew who have been trained on how best respond during a pandemic situation. As per health guidelines and industry standards these measures guarantee passengers safe travel experiences.

Is French Bee a Safe Airline?

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With strong dedication towards passenger safety at heart; this aspect is highly concerned about this factor. Through strict checks and maintenance activities; the company ensures that it operates optimally by making use of new Airbus A350s with advanced safety features in its fleet. For the sake of customer satisfaction based on a safe flight environment thus meeting industry regulations; it focuses more on crew training and development.

Passenger Experiences: Booking and Customer Service

Offering seamless booking process and excellent customer service is greatly valued by French bee. The airline’s website is designed in such a way that users can easily find information about flights including fares selection before making reservations. Most passengers express how French Bee airlines staff are willing to help and friendly but, some travelers could disagree.

Booking through French Bee’s Website

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Booking a flight with French Bee couldn’t be easier through their website, which is user-friendly. Passengers can search and select dates and fares before completing their bookings in no time. The site gives clear instructions, has several payment options including credit card payments, and provides much information on fare types as well as baggage rules to make informed choices. It enables passengers to have a booking experience that is convenient and hassle free.

Customer Service: Expectations vs. Reality

At all times the French Bee company ensures high-quality services to their customers by allowing them interact positively with helpful staff members who are well versed on the firm’s products. Emailing or calling could be used for different communication modes. In addition, French Bee has a mobile app that enhances the pleasure of using this airline’s service by enabling flight tracking and online check-ins. This way, it aims at having passengers who experience good times throughout their journeys.

Onboard Experience: Comfort and Amenities

French Bee also keeps its passengers comfortable during its cabin crew services. They have provided an array of facilities and features in their new fleet A350 aircrafts for a delightful travel experience which includes meals among others during this long haul journey of up to 11 hours. Passengers can sit back in spacious seats (especially those opting for premium economy), relax, and enjoy various multimedia systems on board such as movies among others. To ensure comfort at all times during journeys made by customers; French Bee has managed to create an environment that is suitable enough.

Seating Configurations and Comfort in Various Classes

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French bee flights offers different seat model types as well as levels of comfort associated with each class type. In economy class there are 3-4-3 seating arrangements that leave plenty space between the chairs along with individual screens attached behind them thus making it look like they are further away from each other than usual. Additionally, premium economy provides more space and more legroom. Passenger comfort is a priority for French Bee in all its classes.

In Flight Amenities: Entertainment, Meals and Wifi

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French Bee provides several services designed to make flights better. Passengers can choose from a variety of movies, TV shows and games available on the seat back entertainment systems. Meals are served in flight with options available for pre-ordering while snacks are also offered. Along with that one can purchase Wi-Fi on board if needed.

Passenger Reviews: Economy vs. Premium Economy

According to various reviews, both the economy class and premium economy class of French Bee have comfortable seats with plenty of legroom as well as other facilities needed during long journeys. In the case of those who fly in the economy class, they can benefit from lower fares without sacrificing leg room and luxury. Premium class travelers on the other hand can benefit from all economy has to offer but will also be provided with some more luxurious items like complimentary champagne given out. Overall, both classes give travelers a good experience when traveling.

Economy Class: Basic Boarding

economy seats on french bee
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French bee’s economic class provide a comfortable flight along with affordable prices. Space optimization coupled with reasonable seating ensures that each passenger gets as much space as he or she needs. Travelers flying economy on French Bee are still provided with in flight entertainment screens for their long flight. When comparing to Premium economy, of course this class is not as luxurious but, for the price it is definitely worth it.

Premium Economy: Free Champagne

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French Bee has a premium economy class that may be of interest to travelers who want something more luxurious and comfortable. In addition to extra leg room, the services in this class include additional amenities as well as opulent seat arrangement. There is extra space for passengers to relax, making their journey more enjoyable and relaxed overall. An upgrade to premium economy is often seen as a good investment by travelers who believe in higher degrees of comfort and convenience. Nevertheless, these fares are more expensive than the normal fares paid by economy class travelers but many passengers prefer them due to their great benefits and comfort level. On the other side, individuals can receive a much better traveling experience within French Bee’s premium economic category if prepared to pay slightly more.

Analyzing the Fares, Fee and Additional Cost

When evaluating French Bee’s safety and features, the next big question is the costs. A budget-conscious and travel hacking traveler will find French Bee’s rates competitive and often lower than those of traditional airlines’. This transparency in fee structures ensures that there are no unsuspected costs involved such as checked baggage or seat selection charges. French Bee offers various fare options that give passengers an opportunity to decide on the level of comfort and convenience required depending on their needs or affordability. That is why affordable fares are among reasons why French Bees is extremely popular airline for budget conscious travelers.

Overview of the Fare Structure

fare structure
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French Bee offers a fare structure that lets travelers decide on the level of amenities and services they want. The basic fare is the cheapest option. It includes only a personal item and carry-on bag. Then passengers can go for “Smart Fare” which has more advantages like checked bags, complimentary meal, and many others. The top most option is premium fare with two checked bags, free drinks, free changes among other benefits. The fare structure is open so that customers know what their ticket cost entails as well as any additional costs which might be incurred in future. This reduces hidden fees so that passengers can at least know what extra charges they have to pay before they travel. Smart fare strikes a balance between being affordable and having added benefits thus it’s the most preferred by individuals.

Hidden Luggage Fees: How To Avoid Them

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However French Bee may wish to transparently explain its fee structures; passengers should always be careful about the hidden charges if not known earlier until when it comes up in order to avoid them completely Here are some tips for someone trying to minimize additional costs related to hidden fees:

  1. Checked Bag: French Bee charges for checked bags but one can use basic fair instead since it provides personal item and carry-on bag.
  2. Seat Selection: There is an opportunity to choose seats offered by French Bee at some cost implication. Passengers will not pay anything when they select seats during online check-in, which usually begins 24 hours prior departure.
  3. Priority Boarding: An additional charge accompanies priority boarding (faster boarding).

By understanding where additional costs may come from one will keep off from unexpected payment surprises while travelling on French Bee airline.

French Bee’s Global Network: Destinations and Connectivity

French Bee has operations in various parts of the world enabling fast connection within American major cities with popular European or Tahitian destinations. Some of the destinations covered by this airline include Paris, Tahiti and Reunion Island. These diverse options help passengers get to different parts of the world with ease as they choose how to travel. French Bee’s global network therefore allows travelers access to a wide range of destinations whether one wants to tour Europe or find accommodation on some beautiful island in Polynesia.

new york to paris route
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French Bee operates popular routes between major cities in the U.S. and destinations like Paris and Tahiti. Some of the popular routes are:

  1. Newark (EWR) – Paris-Orly (ORY)
  2. San Francisco (SFO) – Paris-Orly (ORY)
  3. San Francisco (SFO)- Papeete, French Polynesia (PPT)
  4. Los Angeles (LAX) – Paris-Orly (ORY)

These routes attract many travelers who want to visit France or go to Tahiti. Apart from that, French Bee is constantly expanding its routes and looking for foreign airports where it can land its planes. This creates an opportunity for tourists to see something extraordinary every time they travel somewhere by air transport. Therefore, these various flight paths have something for everyone whether one wishes to see such sights as the Eiffel tower or feel sand under their feet when taking a stroll along a beach in Tahiti.

Partner Airlines and Codeshare Agreements

French Bee has created relationships with other airlines to build a global network that offers seamless connections to passengers. These partnerships provide for passengers’ transport through codeshare arrangements where a single flight can be shared by two or more airlines under different flight numbers. Below are some of French Bee’s partner airlines and their corresponding codeshares:

  1. Partner Airline
  2. Codeshare Agreement
  3. Air Caraïbes
  4. Code sharing on flights between Paris-Orly (ORY) and Papeete, French Polynesia (PPT)
  5. Corsair
  6. Code sharing on flights between Paris-Orly (ORY) and several destinations in the Caribbean
  7. XL Airways
  8. Code sharing on flights between Paris-Orly (ORY) and several destinations in the Caribbean and United States

These partnerships improve French Bee’s connectivity hence offering customers various options for a seamless journey. Customers can therefore, benefit from coordinated flight schedules, convenient connections as well as more options of travel destinations.


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In conclusion, French bee is a unique low cost long-haul airline with emphasis on passenger safety and comfort. The premium economy offers an upgrade worth paying for while economy class offers cheaper alternatives. Understanding how fares are structured and avoiding hidden fees is important when traveling altogether. With a growing global network and strategic partnerships, French Bee constantly expands its reach therefore improving connectivity. Moreover, to answer the question is French Bee a good airline, yes it is. If you want cheap but reliable travel experience that comes with fair customer care services then you have reached your destination – fly with French Bee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Whare are the baggage policies at French Bee?

french bee baggage info
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The baggage policies depend on the type of fare chosen at French bee thus; while basic fare includes personal item plus carry-on bag; smart fare consists of one checked bag beside personal item plus carry-on bag; premium fare has two checked bags, a personal item together with carry-on bag. Additional charges may be applied for any excess or oversized luggage.

Can I change or cancel my flight with French Bee?

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Depending on the fare type, French bee allows flight cancellations or changes. Charges might apply for making changes to your itinerary or any cancellations and generally refunds are given as vouchers that can be used in subsequent trips.

What is the best airline to fly to Euroupe?

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Well, it is clear that within its routes, French Bee has made every effort to make families comfortable. The airline’s seating arrangements allow families to sit together while in-flight entertainment systems provide various movies and TV shows for children.

How does French Bee compare to other budget airlines?

budget airlines like breeze, spirit, frontier, alligent and french bee
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Comparatively speaking, when it comes to budget airlines, traveling with French Bee is both an attractive and affordable option. Not like other cheap carriers whose fee structures are opaque, uncomfortable seats and lack of amenities while onboard differentiate it from them.

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