12 Cruise Myths That People Still Believe

Unlike other travel methods that are focused on getting to your destination quickly, cruising can seem like an expensive waste of time. The key is to view the cruise ship as a destination in and of itself that offers luxurious rooms, incredible restaurants, exotic scenery, and endless activities. This perspective can turn skeptics into enthusiastic cruisers. Let’s debunk 12 common cruise myths to ensure you wisely consider all of your vacation options.

They’re Too Long

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Plenty of cruise lines offer short trips that can bring you home before the weekend ends, which is more convenient for families and working couples. Although these cruises are limited to one destination, a few days can still provide a diverse experience filled with activities. For instance, a week on the Sea Lion includes visits to museums, Hells Canyon, and kayaking in the Palouse River.

Every Cruise is Packed

Tourists on a large cruise ship on Boka Bay near Perast heading towards the Kotor Montenegro cruise port on the Adriatic Sea.
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Large cruise ships host thousands of guests who are ready for fun and adventure. These ships are designed with multiple common areas to break up crowds into smaller groups. Club packages can also offer access to more private, restricted areas for an even more exclusive experience overall.

There’s Nothing to Do

Empty sun deck on Norwegian (NCL) Joy Cruise Ship with waterslides, pools, hot tubs and lounge chairs for sunbathing.
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Beyond reaching exciting destinations, cruise ships themselves are filled with activities for everyone. Onboard fun can include skydiving simulators, arcades, rollercoasters, and zip lines. The variety of entertainment options makes cruising a unique and thrilling travel experience for anyone, including thrill-seekers and people who would much rather sleep in every day and catch some live entertainment at night.

A Cruise Won’t Take You Anywhere New

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Cruises can access unique destinations that are unreachable by other travel means, which is great for people looking for a one-of-a-kind experience. For example, Norwegian and Celebrity Cruise Lines offer trips to Ushuaia, Argentina, bypassing the need for a ferry completely. This colorful port city and others like it can be comfortably experienced via cruises, so you don’t have to worry about finding separate hotel and dining accommodations on your trip.

You’ll Spend the Trip Seasick

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Seasickness on a boat doesn’t guarantee the same experience on a ship, thankfully. Larger vessels reduce the rocking sensation that causes nausea in many people. For those prone to motion sickness, medication, motion bands, and central cabins can provide relief, ensuring a more comfortable trip overall.

Say Goodbye to Social Media

Alaska Glacier bay cruise ship travel tourist looking at icebergs taking pictures using phone in inside passage from balcony deck.
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Most cruise lines offer Wi-Fi access, typically at a per-minute price for convenience. Purchasing a package can lower costs for those who need constant connectivity, which is very helpful for those who like to budget. While service at sea may be slower and less reliable, it is sufficient for keeping up with social media and staying connected to the world.

Everyone Has to Dress Up

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Dress codes on cruises are usually minimal and very easygoing. While luxury cruises might have stricter requirements, most ships only ask for casual attire, even at dinner time. You can comfortably wear a tee shirt and shorts without any issue on most cruise lines, making the dining experience relaxed and enjoyable for everyone.

Weight Gain is Guaranteed

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Cruise packages often include multiple buffets, making self-restraint challenging for many. Opting for healthier food choices is obviously key to maintaining your health, but everyone deserves a cheat day now and again! For days when indulgence is inevitable, onboard gyms and fitness coaches can help offset the extra calories, ensuring you stay active and healthy during your trip as much as possible.

No Cure for Cabin Fever

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The world’s largest ship, Symphony of the Seas, has 18 decks and a central garden that resembles a floating condo. Even smaller ships offer a homey atmosphere, providing ample space and activities to prevent cabin fever setting in. Modern cruise ships ensure comfort and entertainment throughout your journey, which means that you’ll never get bored, even if you’re on a weeks-long journey.

All You’ll See is the Ocean

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Most ocean travel happens while passengers sleep, making travel time efficient. Sea days are necessary for covering long distances, but choosing a smaller ship that makes multiple regional stops or an expedition cruise that explores less touristy areas can minimize sea days and maximize your sightseeing opportunities.

All the Food is Old

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Modern cruises are updating their menus with fresh, local ingredients regularly. Chefs often shop at ports to offer guests fresh dishes throughout their trip, ensuring quality at every stop. This practice not only enhances the culinary experience but also introduces passengers to the local culture and flavors of each destination visited on the trip without needing to schedule dining reservations at every stop.

Prices are Better Online

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If this list has you considering a cruise, make sure you get the best deal possible. Travel agents often know about deals before they go public, so try to find one that specializes in cruises to get an advantage over other travelers. This old-school method of travel planning can save you money and time, according to experienced travelers.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, cruises provide a versatile and enriching way to travel. Embrace the journey, explore new destinations, and enjoy the exceptional amenities and activities that cruise ships have to offer. Happy cruising!

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