Coach vs. Business Class Airplane Facilities

When booking a flight, you may ask yourself if the additional cost of a business-class ticket is worth it. The differences in bathroom amenities may not be your primary concern among the multiple factors. However, these distinctions do contribute to the overall flight experience.


For coach class passengers, locating the bathroom is straightforward as they are typically situated at the tail-end of the airplane. Some larger planes, like the Boeing 747 or Airbus A380, may feature additional lavatories in the middle section. However, the ratio of passengers to bathrooms is higher in coach class, often leading to long queues, especially after in-flight meals or just before the plane begins its descent.

Passage on a passenger plane next to the toilet in economy class.
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In contrast, business class bathrooms tend to be strategically located at the front or middle sections of the plane, away from the hustle and bustle. With a lower passenger-to-bathroom ratio in business class, it significantly reduces wait times. This factor can be especially beneficial on long-haul flights or for passengers with specific health needs, offering a convenience that can significantly enhance the flying experience.

Size and Layout

Coach class bathrooms are notably compact, designed with efficiency in mind to accommodate more passenger seating. These lavatories house a fold-down changing table, a toilet, a small sink, and a mirror in a space-efficient manner. Due to space constraints, larger or taller passengers might find it challenging to move around comfortably.

Bathroom of a passenger aircraft Boeing 737. Toilet bowl, sink, knob to drain water, seatcovers, handrails
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In business class, passengers can expect more spacious lavatories, often with increased headroom and legroom, enhancing comfort and maneuverability. Some airlines even install full-length mirrors, a boon for passengers wanting to freshen up or change outfits during long flights. Some premium airlines, such as Emirates and Etihad, take it a notch higher with their first-class cabins, offering exceptionally spacious bathrooms equipped with a shower cubicle, a feature far beyond the expectations of a typical airplane lavatory.


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Regarding amenities, coach-class bathrooms provide the bare necessities, including toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels. Some airlines include an extra touch of hospitality with a simple hand lotion or a small bottle of air freshener.

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Business-class lavatories, however, resemble a mini spa with a selection of high-quality, often branded amenities. Luxury hand soaps, lotions, perfumes, and colognes are standard. Airlines stock business-class bathrooms with additional items such as dental kits, shaving kits, combs, and facial mists to help passengers stay fresh and revitalized, especially on long-haul flights.


While airline staff strives to maintain hygiene standards across all airplane bathrooms, coach-class lavatories see a higher footfall, which can pose a challenge. Despite regular clean-ups, these bathrooms might need fresh after a long flight.

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In comparison, business class bathrooms, used by fewer passengers, are generally cleaner throughout the journey. Many airlines’ cabin crews perform frequent checks and carry out light cleaning after each use, ensuring a consistently clean and pleasant environment.


Like the rest of the cabin, economy-class lavatories are designed with a focus on functionality. The aesthetics are simple, streamlined, and utilitarian, reflecting the practicality of the coach class experience.

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In contrast, business-class bathrooms often sport a more refined interior design. Stylish faucet finishes that mimic wood or marble and subtle mood lighting contribute to an aura of sophistication and luxury, in line with the business class ethos.


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Airplane bathrooms, irrespective of class, offer a standard level of privacy with a lockable door. However, business class bathrooms often feature additional sound insulation, providing an extra layer of privacy, especially appreciated in the close quarters of an aircraft.

Additional Features

A handful of airlines have gone the extra mile to enhance the business-class lavatory experience. For instance, long-haul A380 flights with Emirates and Etihad offer a shower spa, a feature that takes luxury to new heights. Turkish Airlines introduces an onboard “candlelight” effect in their lavatories for a more soothing ambiance. Such unique features are exceptions rather than the norm but illustrate the extent of premium offerings in business-class travel.

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While the bathroom might not be the first factor considered when upgrading your ticket, the differences are noticeable and contribute significantly to the overall in-flight experience. Business class lavatories offer a sense of luxury and comfort that transcends the journey’s duration, aiding passengers in arriving at their destination feeling refreshed and cared for. On the other hand, coach-class bathrooms, although more basic and functional, effectively cater to the needs of the majority of passengers. The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual travel needs, personal comfort preferences, and budget.

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While the bathroom might not be a business class ticket’s selling point, the differences contribute to the overall flight experience, which might be important if you’re embarking on a long journey through Europe. Business class bathrooms are designed to provide a touch of luxury and comfort, helping passengers arrive at their destinations feeling refreshed and well cared for. Meanwhile, coach class bathrooms, though more basic, serve their purpose efficiently, facilitating the needs of more passengers. Ultimately, your choice depends on your travel preferences and budget.

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