Best Adults-Only Cruises Setting Sail in 2024

From Europe to the South Pacific and from three days to three months, cruises that aren’t geared solely towards family fun don’t have to be dull! These are the greatest all-inclusive, adults-only cruises that are still booking vacation packages. Arranging a child-free vacation? These top cruise lines provide the ideal mix of leisure, entertainment, and great dining for a relaxing getaway. Here’s what to expect and how to plan your upcoming vacation.

Virgin Voyages Cruises: A Young-at-Heart Experience

Virgin Voyages Cruise
Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages stands out as one of the few explicitly adults-only cruise lines where guests, known as Sailors, must be 18 or older. They offer a unique cruise experience tailored for young-at-heart travelers who enjoy local culture and beach time without the need for white-glove service or standard cruise experiences.


  • Destinations: Choose from various options like four to eight-night Caribbean sailings, seven-night Europe voyages, and three to 11-night Australia and South Pacific cruises.
  • Dining: With over 20 eclectic drinking and dining venues, Virgin Voyages skips traditional dining rooms and buffets, offering what other lines consider ‘specialty restaurants.’
  • Entertainment: Enjoy engaging entertainment including pool parties, private karaoke studios, cabaret performances, and an onboard tattoo parlor called Squid Ink.

To maximize your experience, book your dining and entertainment reservations early through the Virgin Voyages app.

Viking Ocean Cruises: Sophistication And Luxury

Viking Ocean Cruises
Viking Ocean Cruises

Luxury and sophistication define Viking Ocean Cruises. Viking’s ships are solely for passengers over the age of eighteen who want a refined cruise experience that emphasizes culture, history, and gourmet dining.


  • Destinations: Viking serves various destinations including Baltic expeditions, Mediterranean adventures, and transatlantic trips.
  • Entertainment: Onboard entertainment consists of lectures, cooking courses, and TED Talks.
  • Dining: Specialized restaurants including Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant, among several other dining locations at no extra cost.

Join the Viking Explorer Society for great discounts on voyages and travel credits among other exclusive incentives.

P&O Cruises: A Touch of British Elegance

P&O Cruise

Modern British elegance is embodied in the adult-only ships of P&O Cruises, Arcadia and Aurora. These cruises are ideal for those seeking a classic but modern experience.


  • Destinations: Explore Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean by sea.
  • Entertainment: West End-style shows, live music, and themed parties.
  • Dining: From the official Main Dining Room to specialist restaurants like Sindhu for Indian food, savor several unique dining experiences.

Book a suite for extra luxury and access to VIP areas and facilities.

Celebrity Cruises: Perfect for Couples

Celebrity Cruise

Celebrity Cruises offer a chic and contemporary experience for both couples and solo travelers, with the Celebrity Edge ship specifically catering to those over the age of 21. 


  • Destinations: Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and more.
  • Dining: Formal dining rooms, casual restaurants, and specialty eateries like Blu and Le Petit Chef.
  • Entertainment: Broadway-style shows, live music, and unique activities such as glass-blowing demonstrations.
  • Rewards: The Captain’s Club loyalty program includes priority boarding, free laundry, and access to exclusive events.

Seabourn Cruises: Ultra-Luxury Cruise

Seabourn Cruise

For luxury at its best, travel with Seabourn Cruise Line. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, Seabourn is perfect as its ships are on the smaller side, and the service is first-rate. Personalized treatment with a staff-to-guest ratio of almost 1:1 ensures all needs are met. Book your excursion early to guarantee a spot on popular tours and experiences.


  • Destinations: Visit sites on everyone’s list, including Antarctica, the Amazon, and the Greek Isles.
  • Dining: Michelin-star chef Thomas Keller has assembled a collection of gourmet eateries.

Cunard Line Cruises: Grandeur and Tradition

Cunard Line Cruise

Combining modern luxury with a classic cruising experience, Cunard’s adult-only trips are ideal for people who enjoy a vintage vibe and are looking for an occasion to bring out their best outfits. Choose a cabin or suite, which includes a balcony, for the greatest views and extra conveniences.


  • Destinations: Popular for Mediterranean, Northern European, and transatlantic journeys.
  • Dining: Elegant options include the Verandah Restaurant and Britannia Restaurant.
  • Entertainment: Savor ballroom dancing, classic afternoon tea, and guest speaker lectures.

Windstar Cruises: Private and Exciting

Windstar Cruise

The Windstar Cruise line offers a one-of-a-kind small-ship cruise experience that is great for people who like to try new things. It has a fleet of boats and sailing ships that can take you to harbors and coves that bigger ships can’t reach.


  • Destinations: The Greek Isles, Tahiti, and the Panama Canal are some of the most unique routes.
  • Dining: The Candles restaurant outside and the elegant AmphorA are two of the best places to eat.
  • Activities: Water sports platform for kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle-boarding directly from the ship.

Take advantage of the Open Bridge policy to learn about sailing and navigation directly from the captain and officers.

Silversea Cruises: All-Inclusive and Exclusive

Silversea Cruise

Renowned for their all-inclusive luxury cruises designed just for adult guests is Silversea Cruises. Silversea provides an unmatched cruise experience with an eye toward intimate ship sizes and individualized experiences.


  • Destinations: Visit far-off locations such the Galapagos Islands, the Arctic, and Seychelles.
  • Dining: Savor fine dining experiences with regional delicacies and international cuisine from menus created by top chefs.
  • Amenities: All-inclusive packages call for good wines and great spirits.

Azamara Cruises: Savor Long Journeys

Azamara Cruise

Azamara emphasizes location immersion, offering guests longer stays and more overnight ports so they can enjoy the local way of life. Book trips through Azamara’s Land Discoveries program for events that highlight the finest of every location.


  • Destinations: Unique itineraries that include longer stops in ports all across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.
  • Dining: Emphasizing local food, several restaurants provide both formal and casual eating choices.
  • Entertainment: Cooking demos, guest lectures, and cultural events are included on onboard programming.

Oceania Cruises: Gourmet Mastery

Oceania Cruise

Foodies will love Oceania Cruises’ options for both fine dining and more informal meal options, both of which are full of delicious options. With an eye toward gourmet meals and individualized service, their adult-only cruises present a sophisticated and elegant opportunity to broaden your horizons.


  • Destinations: Travel the Mediterranean, Asia, and South America with planned itineraries.
  • Dining: Gourmet French and international restaurants are run by Master Chef Jacques Pépin.
  • Entertainment: Onboard enjoy cultural lectures, wine tastings, and cooking courses.

Oceania’s Culinary Discovery Tours allow you to tour local markets and learn cooking methods anywhere in the world.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises: All-Inclusive Itineraries

Regent Seven Seas Cruise

Personal service and luxurious staterooms make the Regent’s cruises ideal for sophisticated travel. To receive the greatest accommodations and early booking discounts, book early and try to make use of Regent’s all-inclusive packages.


  • Destinations: Regions like Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and Alaska have comprehensive and immersive itineraries.
  • Dining: Gourmet restaurants include the Compass Rose’s main dining room and Prime 7 steakhouse.
  • Deals: Meals, drinks, and rooms are priced together in all-inclusive packages.

Paul Gauguin Cruises: Faraway or Close

Paul Gauguin Cruise

Some of the world’s most exotic places can be reached on small, adult-only trips with Paul Gauguin Cruises. This cruise line is famous for its beautiful and private ships and focus on travel to the South Pacific.


  • Destinations: Travel to Tahiti, French Polynesia, and the South Pacific and enjoy their natural beauty.
  • Dining: Famous chefs develop dishes for the ship’s beautiful French and Polynesian eateries.
  • Activities: Enjoy water sports, cultural trips, and lectures on board about South Pacific history and culture.

Crystal Cruises: Elegance and Innovation

Crystal Cruise

Adults seeking to enjoy their vacation in luxury can cruise in sophistication and style with Crystal Cruises. Travelers with high standards will find Crystal to be an excellent option due to its gorgeous ships and outstanding service.

The best parts about Crystal Cruises:

  • Destinations: Well-thought-out routes let you cruise the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Caribbean.
  • Dining: Umi Uma & Sushi Bar by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Entertainment: Live Broadway-inspired shows

For extra benefits and savings, make use of Crystal’s loyalty programs and early booking discounts.

Advantages of Choosing Adults Only Cruises

Couple on a cruise
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Why should you book an adults only cruise? For starters, it will most likely be quieter than cruises that admit guests under 18. Activities and entertainment will be more aimed toward adults, with a greater emphasis on enlightening guests about the areas they will visit on the voyage, ranging from gourmet experiences to lectures and films on the locations, which younger guests may find uninteresting. 

The social aspect is also different on adults only trips; there is a greater emphasis on socializing and meeting other guests on the ship, as many adults only voyages have a smaller passenger capacity than larger cruise lines. As a result, adults only cruises are generally more luxury than ordinary cruises, with larger/fancier accommodations and a focus on service.

Choosing the Right Cruise

Woman looking at a city from a boat
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So, which adults only cruise is ideal for you? It all depends on your choice. Adults only cruises are often more luxurious than larger, more traditional ones, so you must decide how opulent you want to go. For the best adults only cruises, Holland America is the most economical option; however, buyer beware: they accept visitors under the age of 18 but cater mostly to older clientele. P&O and Virgin are more mid-range, while Viking, Grand Circle, and Silversea will cost a little more, with Regent Seven Seas being the most opulent option.

Deciding where you want to go and for how long will also play a role in your decision; while most cruise companies go all over the world, the exact ports and time of the voyages may influence which one you select. Ready for 2024’s finest adult only cruise? Dream of a lavish, kid-free vacation? Start planning immediately. Explore our blog for the greatest travel tips, hacks, and hacking tactics for your next vacation.

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