Traveling from Zurich to Interlaken: Take the Scenic Route

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Key Highlights

  1. There are several different paths that tourists wishing to go through this route can follow, each of them having an enchanting scenery.
  2. Along the way, there is Lake Thun and Lake Brienz among other picturesque spots for one to visit.
  3. You will not lack any option when it comes to trains from Zurich to Interlaken since both SBB and Intercity serve the route efficiently and comfortably.
  4. Taking advantage of special offers on tickets is beneficial in terms of money saving for travelers using a train.
  5. Journey time between Zurich and Interlaken by train is about 2-3 hours depending on time of travel. There are very many trains plying this route during every day’s hour.


Zurich-Interlaken journey is a “must do” if you have ever planned your vacation in Switzerland. The trip shows off beautiful Swiss landscapes with its snowcapped mountains, charming little towns and pretty lakes found all along your way. Whether you decide to utilize the available alternative ways like driving yourself or going by bus or just take a train, through countryside, the scenic course gives incredible experience which one cannot afford missing.

Exploring the Scenic Journey from Zurich to Interlaken

Travel guides explain that the trip from Zurich to Interlaken is not just about reaching your destination; it is also about enjoying the beauty of Switzerland as you pass through it. The breathtaking views of hills, lakes and Swiss towns will be constantly changing during your journey from Zurich to Interlaken. Each means of transport has its own amazing view, therefore whether you decide to go by train or drive or take a bus, there are numerous things that you can see along the way including having an option for catching a train from Zweisimmen with the purpose of going to Interlaken. This post will explore deeper into some of the beautiful features awaiting your eyes while still giving specific information on how to get such fantastic scenic rides via Swiss trains.

Discovering the Beauty of the Swiss Landscape

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The natural scenery in Switzerland is famous throughout the world and travelling between Zurich and Interlaken will provide a great personal experience for anyone interested in enjoying this landscape. There are many high mountains, green fields full with grasses and transparent waters when exploring this picturesque countryside. You will see different landscapes at each turn which would catch your sight and give you peace inside. No matter if one loves nature, photography or simply enjoys outdoor beauty then he should leave his jaw dropping by Swiss topography in route between Zurich-Interlaken.

The Different Routes Available for Travelers

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When you go from Zurich to Interlaken, there are different routes you can take and each one has its own charm. The fastest way is to travel through Bern which is also one of the popular commuter services, is by train. There is a direct train service leaving every 2-3 hours that does not require any transfers and it is the right option for people who want the fastest journey time. Every two hours, from both Zurich Airport and Zurich Main Station, trains run on this route directly to Interlaken without any connecting trains, giving you more time to explore the destination. Another alternative is through Lucerne which takes a bit longer but gives riders scenic views over the Swiss Alps and breathtaking lakes. Moreover, this route also includes stops at Interlaken Ost allowing passengers to appreciate the beauty of this region before they reach their final destination at Zurich Hb which is great for those who prefer unhurried journeys. The best travel guides note that depending on your preferences or how much time you have available, is how you choose your best route.

Reflections About Wonderful Places On The Way

From Zurich to Interlaken, there are several beautiful places that could be visited along the road. These attractions offer great views as well as an opportunity to experience firsthand the beauty of Switzerland’s landscapes. Some must visit sites while in transit include:

  1. Lake Thun: It offers panoramic views with numerous water activities like boating and swimming.
  2. Lake Brienz: This lake characterized by turquoise waters surrounded by mountains has some incredible views.
  3. Harder Kulm: It provides an aerial view of Interlaken plus surrounding area.

To make use of these beautiful sceneries, ensure that one plan ahead using a journey planner.

Train From Zurich to Interlaken

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The best means of transport from Zurich to Interlaken is by train because they are convenient, comfortable and allow travelers to enjoy spectacular views during travelling. There are two trains each hour from Zurich going towards Interlaken; these are via Bern, the fastest route and via Lucerne which is said to be the most scenic one. Trains on this route are provided by SBB and Intercity with frequent services and comfortable sitting arrangements. Depending on the train service chosen or the specific route, the average journey time ranges from 2-3 hours. You are able to buy digital tickets easily at the palm of your hand through the SBB app. If you acquire the Swiss half fare card, you will be able to get a cheaper rate than the standard price train ticket.

Comparing Train Services: SBB vs. Intercity

The choice between the different train companies are SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) trains and Intercity trains. These two types of trains compete with each other in terms of comfortableness including number of departures per day. The reliability plus excellent service make SBB trains that have extensive coverage nationwide an outstanding choice for travelers who want flexibility in terms of destination choices. On the other hand, Intercity Trains offer faster direct services connecting major cities. Passengers travelling by both types of trains will have the advantage of bringing as much baggage as they please as long as it fits on the baggage racks.

Understanding Zurich to Interlaken Train Ticket Prices

There are different prices for train tickets from Zurich to Interlaken, depending on factors like the ticket type, class of ticket and available discounts. To find the cheapest day to travel or cheap tickets yoticket prices can be found through the price calendar. The price of a train ticket may be as low as CHF 29 with a Saver Day Pass or reach up to CHF 38.50 for ordinary tickets. Other offers include special deals and Swiss travel passes that one can use. It is advisable to book earlier in order to get the cheapest rates and availability. In addition to this, passengers may wish to take advantage of discounted promotions and offers which could make fares cheaper in turn. It is also good practice to use journey planners as well as checking the Swiss Railways website so as not miss out on any latest information when it comes to ticket prices and deals. For more information on European train tickets, you can check out the European train tickets hub which offers a handy guide for traveling!

Tips for a Comfortable Train Experience

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To have a comfortable train experience from Zurich to Interlaken, there are several tips to consider such as:

  1. Opt for Business Zone: It provides extra space, comfort and additional amenities like power outlets and more space for the legs.
  2. Seat reservation: For those with specific seat preferences, reserving seats earlier guarantees them preferred spots.
  3. Free wifi: Several trains avail free wifi on board; hence one can stay online and entertained throughout the journey.
  4. Pack snacks and drinks: Carry some snacks and drinks as you may not always find a bistro car in every train.
  5. Be early: If you get to the station early enough you will have time to find your platform and board without having to hurry.
  6. Dress well: While getting ready ensure that you dress comfortably especially with good shoes if planning to explore Interlaken on foot later after arrival.

Alternative Travel Options from Interlaken to Zurich

If going on a train is not the best option for you, their are plenty of other options to travel from Interlaken to Zurich.

Driving the Scenic Route: What You Need to Know

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By driving through Interlaken- Zurich road offers experience of Switzerland’s beauty at leisure. The path crosses over mountains, lakes and beautiful towns along it. Traffic conditions, parking options in both cities (Interlaken & Zurich), as well as road rules should be considered when taking this route. A valid driver’s license should also be carried always while directions for getting there should be sought before departure while making sure that breaks are taken at regular intervals so that people can relax with maps or GPS devices in order not lose sight of country landmarks; thus ensuring an enjoyable trip.

Bus Journeys

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Otherwise, taking a bus from Zurich to Interlaken is a great alternative to train travel but will take a little extra time. This can vary by bus company such as postbus or flix bus with different travel times that may cater for many people including to and from structures. Buses take an average of between 2 to 3 hours from Zurich to Interlaken allowing passengers the chance to enjoy the scenic Swiss countryside. It is also possible to take the first train in the morning hours or book a ticket on FlixBus or Omio online for less money while still having comfortable seats. However, if one wishes quicker means, then he/she should board the first train from Zurich Hb departing at 00:02 heading straight into Interlaken Ost which takes less time thus being the best option for those who need to catch the last train back to Zurich.

The Pros and Cons of Taking a Private Transfer

Convenience and luxury are hallmarks of private transfers offering personalized door-to-door service. Public transport inconveniences can be avoided by traveling directly to your destination. However, these services are more expensive than other modes of transportation especially in times when they serve as peak hour commuter services. Additionally, they may not provide the same scheduling flexibility that public transport does, making them a better bet for people on busier routes. In the end it’s a balancing act between opulence and cost-effectiveness where your preferences and budget determine the right choice for your journey from Zurich to Interlaken. If you’ve got some extra time in your hands, private transfers can also afford you an opportunity to take in the beautiful Swiss countryside while at the same time potentially getting cheaper fares.

Interlaken to Zurich Train: Making it Worthwhile

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Guest utilizing the train to travel to Interlaken to Zurich are accompanied with great food and stunning views. Guest can utilize the restaurant carriage aboard to be served by the support team. Use SBB Intercity or Deutsche Bahn services with free Wi-Fi onboard and travel comfortably. Visit our website for ticket prices & special offers for savings. Make your trip memorable with SBB FreeSurf portal for WiFi and dining options on SBB Intercity trains. Families traveling with young children will find stroller storage and baby changing facilities inside dedicated family carriages located behind the first class coach seats on most intercity trains running through Switzerland which enable travelers bring their bicycles along on board since there is reserved space inside some of these trains. Cyclists who would like to carry their bikes during this period must reserve bike spaces between 21 March and 31 October while purchasing tickets from either a ticket office, machine or online. Swiss landscapes can be explored with bicycles held in reserved positions within certain selected trains.

Gourmet Experiences All Along

Indulge yourself with gourmet experiences aboard trains en route from Zurich to Interlaken. Swiss delights like cheese fondue and chocolate are available on trains or at stations. Try out regional delicacies such as rosti and raclette.

Cultural & Historical Sites

Get immersed in the rich cultural and historical sites of Interlaken. Uncover unexplained phenomena and ancient civilizations by visiting the absorbing Mystery Park. Oberhofen Castle is spectacular; it looks over Lake Thun and is a testament to centuries of Swiss history. The Ballenberg Open Air Museum brings traditional Swiss rural life and architecture back from the dead. Each site reveals something new about the region’s heritage and traditions, making every cultural treasure an opportunity to fall in love with Interlaken’s charm.

Seasonal Considerations for the Zurich to Interlaken Trip

As you plan your journey from Zurich to Interlaken, do not forget that there are variations based on seasons. Skiing facilities are available during winter against a picturesque backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Summer calls for hiking trails exploration and lakeside relaxation at shores of Interlocken lakes. As you can see each season offers different experiences ranging from adrenaline rushing adventures to a leisurely summer time stroll. Provided you wish for snow covered landscapes during winter or greenery during summer then a trip from Zurich will be memorable throughout all round the year.

Winter Travel: Skiing & Other Snow Activities

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Zurich to Interlaken, enjoy winter wonderland with skiing and other snow activities. Snow sports enthusiasts will have a field day at ski resorts like Wengen or Grindelwald located in Interlaken. The Swiss Alps’ images are best capture d while ski down powder slopes, snowboarding or peacefully walking on the snow using special shoes. Make sure you don’t forget about the enchanting sights and warm après-ski facilities during your visit here. Whether a beginner or professional skier, you can find snowy delights in Interlaken for all winter tourists.

Summer Adventurers: Trekking and Lake-Side Calmness

Interlaken offers a chance to experience Swiss summer through invigorating treks against picturesque landscapes and tranquil lake-side rests. You can hike along various trails that offer breathtaking views of the Alps as well as verdant valleys. Cool off by taking a dip into clear waters of Lake Brienz and Thun which are ideal spots for swimming, picnicking or just silently relaxing in serenity. Regardless of whether you want some action-filled outings or calm moments in between there are multiple things to see and do Interlaken. Embark on an exploration tour for rejuvenation in this beautiful corner of Switzerland.

Where to stay in Interlaken

There are many accommodations available when one visits Interlaken that cater to different tastes and budgets. The city has it all from friendly hostels that encourage interaction among guests to luxurious hotels that provide the best services. Guests who crave something out of the ordinary can choose unique accommodation like boutique hotels or Swiss chalets which are so quaint.With options ranging from affordable to expensive, every guest can get his perfect space after touring around awe-inspiring sceneries of Interlaken town.

Choosing the Right Place to Stay: Hostels vs Hotels

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When deciding between hotels and hostels in Interlaken, consider your preferences for privacy, comfort, and social interaction. The latter offer private rooms, facilities as well as customized services; they are perfect for people who want luxury and peace. On the other hand, hostels provide budget-friendly accommodation with shared facilities and this fosters a sense of community among solo travelers or groups that want to meet like-minded people. Choose hotels for an out-of-the-way experience or opt for hostels for a happening social environment when staying in Interlaken.

Unique Accommodations in Interlaken

Get involved into one-of-a-kind accommodations in Interlaken by living in cute Swiss chalets or picturesque Alpine cabins. Think about finding a place at some traditional family run guesthouse to have an actual Swiss life. For a taste of the high-end living choose boutique hotels that provide fabulous views of mountains around them with clear lakes nearby. Selecting accomodations that match natural beauty of the region is therefore central to embrace what makes Interlaken special towards achieving unforgettable stay way beyond routine.

Must Visit Places in Interlaken

Jungfraujoch is widely known as “Top of Europe” thus offers an unmatched adventure. When one talks about Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, cleanliness comes immediately to mind hence drawing visitors’ attention towards their peacefulness . It’s true thrill seekers can enjoy their time here with some adrenaline-infused activities that interlaken has always been associated with while enjoying amazing sceneries around them. So within this majestic mountain ranges amidst clear waters there will forever be moments you cannot forget making it best place for anyone whom likes nature or so much into adventures.

The Jungfraujoch: Travelling All the Way Up to Europe’s Summit

Undertake an awe-inspiring expedition up to ‘the top of the Europe’ at Jungfraujoch. Travelers should view the Swiss Alps and their entire beauty from here. Experience the world’s highest train station and tour its ice palace or just enjoy scenic observation deck. Do not hesitate to come and capture how amazing Aletsch Glacier is, which a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is no doubt that you will forever have memories at Jungfraujoch, set amidst breathtaking Swiss landscapes.

Trips to Lake Thun and Lake Brienz

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Go on an exciting journey with trips to Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. These two pristine lakes are ideal for peaceful relaxation such as boat rides or leisure walks along their shores. Discover small towns like Spiez or Interlaken West situated against stunning mountain backdrops. Take photographs of jade green waters that reflect natural surrounding for perfect moments in life. Enjoy cultural performances at lakeside cafes if you do not want to go adventure in water sports activities like canoeing, jet skiing among others . Every step around Lake Thun and Lake Brienz will be just picturesque Swiss.

Interlaken Adventure Sports for Thrill Seekers

For those looking for adrenaline rushes, there are many adventure sports available in Interlaken. With options ranging from skydiving with a backdrop of Switzerland’s beautiful mountains to paragliding over aqua blue lakes this place has it all. Bungee jumping from high suspension bridges or whitewater rafting down raging torrents for example could give you that much needed rush you have been yearning for quite sometimes now . In addition, going through canyons of waterfalls created by sharp cliffs while climbing rocks can be so unique an experience also possible rock climbing is your thing here . Therefore, whenever someone wants a never-to-be-forgotten adrenaline fix they go to Interlaken, the paradise for thrill seekers.

Concluding Remarks

A picturesque journey through the Swiss landscape awaits anyone who travels from Zurich to Interlaken – a beautiful area with majestic views. The experience is memorable whichever method of transportation you go for, be it a scenic train ride or another way of travel. This trip has something for everyone, from culinary delights to cultural attractions. Take into account seasonal variations such as skiing in winter or hiking in summer. Do not miss to visit them all like Jungfraujoch and the lovely Thunersee. Destination guides express that Interlaken offers varied places to sleep and exciting adventure sports that no one will ever forget.


What is the most economical mode of transport between Zurich and Interlaken?

The best cost effective way of travelling from Zurich to Interlaken is by train. By comparing SBB and Intercity services, understanding ticket prices, duration and frequency can help you save some money as well. Additionally, buses and private transfers are alternative options to consider.

Are there any direct trains between Zurich and Interlaken?

Trains directly running between Zurich and Interlaken on daily basis are provided by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). These trains provide an easy access to explore Switzerland’s landscapes conveniently in less time.

What are the must see places in Interlaken?

Get fascinated by attractions like Jungfraujoch; Europe’s rooftop, scenic Lake Thun and Lake Brienz excursions plus heart-stopping adventure sports meant for thrill seekers making it very attractive place indeed. In these eye-opening experiences lies the core of what makes up Interlaken.

How do I know the best way to get around using public transportation in Switzerland?

Find out about the Swiss public transport system for seamless travel. Understand efficient trains like SBB and scenic routes, comparing services, ticket prices, and travel duration. Drive or take a bus as an alternative means to have a holistic journey.

What can travelers with limited mobility do?

Accessible transport facilities such as buses and trains for wheelchairs are available. Find accommodation that considers the needs of people with limited mobility too. Visit attractions that are easily accessible and prioritize personal comfort while traveling.

Do you have any cultural or language tips for first time visitors?

Know these crucial cultural and language tips to make your first visit to Zurich, Interlaken more pleasant. Know Swiss customs, greetings, and basic phrases which will help when trying to communicate with locals.

How can Tourists ensure their visits are sustainable and responsible?

To promote sustainability, tourists should consider eco-friendly modes of transportation, buy from local suppliers only, and protect the environment by not littering it. Choosing green accommodations is also important in addition to reducing waste during your stay.

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