The Majestic Grandeur of Redwood National Park 

Redwood National Park hosts Earth’s tallest trees, with the 139,000-acre forest representing some of the oldest trees. One of the things setting this park apart is its being host to 45% of the world’s remaining coastal redwood population. 

This park came from three state parks and a national park. This park protects trees, diverse landscapes, and wildlife for all to enjoy.

What Makes the Redwoods So Unique?

Some California redwoods stand more than 370 ft high, cutting imposing figures. The majestic height makes these trees some of the most awe-inspiring structures on Earth.

Trees in this park date back to before the time of Christ, making them some of the oldest living trees. As some of the oldest living organisms on Earth, conservationists see these trees as worthy of protection.

What Can You Do in Redwood National Park?

Some activities in Redwood National Park include scenic drives, cycling, kayaking, and hiking. All these options provide ways to experience stunning scenery, but hiking is one of the best, most popular ways to enjoy the sights.

There are trails for different ability levels that have unique touches. One thing these trails have in common is putting breathtaking scenery within reach. 

The Stout Memorial Grove Trail extends over half a mile, taking hikers by the beautiful Smith River. For a more challenging option, the Boy Scout Trail spas five-and-a-half miles and offers an excellent view of waterfalls.

Another popular trail is Fern Canyon, filled with lush greenery that appears to glow. Hikers need to be aware of damp ground on the trail and a large elk herd that passes through.

If you’re looking for a higher-up and lusher trail, you will go right with Lady Bird Johnson Grove. This trail covers one-and-a-half miles and has ridge-top trees that offer a unique perspective.

The most challenging trail is the Tall Trees Grove, which requires a permit booked two days in advance. This trail is four miles long, with a 1,600 ft elevation gain that helps everyone get their exercise. 

Tidepooling is popular at False Klamath Cove and Endert’s Beach, with sea stars being very popular. Although taking sea stars is not prohibited, most recommend returning these creatures to the tide pool to help protect their population.

Kayaking along the Smith River is a great way to experience this park from a unique perspective. The water is clear enough to allow an unhindered view of the bottom.

If you decide cycling is for you, several trails are suitable for bicyclists of different ability levels. All the cycling trails offer access to remarkable views worth your time.

What Else Makes This Park So Unique?

This park’s unique landscape makes it a natural choice for adventure-seekers and movie producers. Bigfoot enthusiasts often flock to this park because of reported sightings nearby. 

A Bigfoot Scenic Byway runs east of the park, immersing visitors in the legend. Visitors going to the park with kids will appreciate the extra adventures that come with searching for Bigfoot, especially with scenery that makes it easy to believe an elusive creature is out there.

This park provides an ideal backdrop for movies and has been a setting for popular blockbusters. One of the most popular was “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi,” where the park was used for the chase scene featuring the Ewoks on Endor.

The park has also been a setting used in “Jurassic Park: The Lost World.” The park’s versatile landscape sets it apart as a location that film crews can use for many movies. 

Many visitors enjoy taking photos, especially selfies, near some areas that appear in movies. Excellent high-resolution cameras will make capturing the park’s scenic beauty easier. 

Choosing Accommodations Near Redwood National Park

One of the best things about traveling to Redwood National Park is how many different options are available for accommodations. Four campgrounds accommodate tents, campers, and RVs.

Tent camping is a popular activity for visitors looking for an experience keeping them as close to nature as possible. An advantage of tent camping is that you can choose a site in a busier area or a more remote location according to your preferences.

Camper and RV sites put visitors close to the action while enjoying greater comfort. These sites often have water and electric hookups, making it easy to enjoy some home comforts.

Although these campgrounds are popular all year, they attract the most traffic during the summer months. You may need to make reservations when you visit this park during the summer.

Crescent City, Eureka, and Klamath are all nearby cities with hotel and motel options, including most major chains. Locally-owned hotels, some of which provide historic furnishings and have on-site restaurants, offer memorable stays to many.

Redwood National Park offers a thrilling trip for everyone, especially those who enjoy seeing some of the most beautiful forested areas in the U.S.

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