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5 Palaces You Can Experience Royalty

When it comes to feeling like royalty, many hotels claim to offer luxury accommodations and spa packages. However, the grandeur and history of staying at a real royal palace are the same. Stay at majestic royal residences like Balmoral Castle in Scotland or the Castle of Mey. Enjoy a night experiencing the life of the aristocracy. In this article, we will explore five royal palaces where you can spend the night and immerse yourself in regal surroundings and rich history.

Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Old manor house (1876-1885), know as Alatskivi Loss (Balmoral castle). Alatskivi, Estonia, Baltic States, Europe
Photo by Karl Allen Lugmayer on Adobe Stock

Balmoral, an estate in the Scottish Highlands, is a favored retreat for Queen Elizabeth and her family. They typically spend their summers there and this tradition has been followed throughout her reign. While the castle itself is the main attraction, the grounds feature approximately 150 buildings, including cottages available for weekly rentals. One such cottage is the Rhebreck Lodge, offering regal-rustic charm and breathtaking valley views. Guests can enjoy the services of a local chef or indulge in home-cooked meals, genuinely immersing themselves in the royal experience.

Sandringham Estate, England

The sandringham estate in norfolk england
Photo by Kristupas Kemeža on Pexels

Similar to Balmoral, the monarch personally owns the royal Sandringham Estate. This estate is renowned as the royal family’s holiday retreat, where they spend Christmas each year. While an invitation to Christmas lunch may be unlikely, the Garden House, formerly the head gardener’s house, is available for year-round rentals. The Garden House at Sandringham provides guests with a delightful view, overlooking the estate’s ornamental garden. It offers a unique opportunity to experience the regal ambiance of this royal residence. Another notable accommodation on the estate is Park House, the childhood home of Princess Diana, which has been transformed into a hotel catering to travelers with disabilities and their guests.

Restormel Manor, England

Restormel Manor, nestled in the Cornish countryside, has served as King Charles’s residence for some time. This 15th-century manor boasts several cottages on its estate. When the royal family is not in residence, the manor is available for rent as part of the Duchy Estate. With nine bedrooms accommodating up to 18 people, the manor offers a unique feature—three separate wings, each with its own kitchen and entrance. This arrangement allows for flexibility and customization based on the guests’ needs. The manor’s elegant pale-blue dining room and airy sitting room add to the regal charm of this royal palace.

Llwynywermod, Wales

Llwynywermod, Prince Charles’s Welsh estate, boasts a variety of accommodation options within its grounds. Initially a model farm, the estate now comprises three cottages, a grade II-listed threshing barn, and the main house. The North Range is a converted barn showcasing contemporary and local design elements among the holiday rentals. The North Range commits to sustainability, featuring elements like a wood chip boiler and renewable electricity. Staying in this picturesque estate allows guests to experience the beauty of Wales while enjoying the regal surroundings.

Castle of Mey, Scotland

Castle of Mey of the Highland in Scotland, United Kingdom.
Photo by bennymarty on Adobe Stock

A trust now operates the Castle of Mey, a beloved home of the Queen Mother until her passing in 2002, and regularly opens it to the public. The Captain’s House has been transformed into a rentable cottage within the estate, providing guests with a unique opportunity to stay on this historic property. The cottage features a stunning 20-foot conservatory with panoramic views of the enclosed garden and the sea beyond. Additionally, the estate offers the Granary Lodge, a ten-bedroom bed and breakfast situated between the castle and the shore. With its traditional interiors, the Granary Lodge offers a charming and comfortable stay.


If you seek a regal experience and a glimpse into the lives of royalty, staying at a royal palace will make your dream come true. From the splendor of Balmoral Castle in Scotland to the elegance of Sandringham Estate in England, each royal residence offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in history and grandeur. Whether you stay in a cottage on the expansive grounds or indulge in the comforts of a converted barn, these royal palaces provide an unforgettable experience that will make you feel like royalty, even if just for a night.

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