New England Getaways: Charming Escapes Await

Unforgettable New England Getaways

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New England is an eclectic group of colorful and historic states in the northeast corridor of the United States including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. 

Some of its cities date back to the Civil War, making it a haunting jaunt in time, especially if you dip into the misty streets of Boston or Portsmouth. Together, we’re about to unlock some fresh ideas for the best New England getaways to unruffle your feathers while giving you wings to fly. 

Mystic Seaport, Connecticut

mystic seaport connecticut
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If your partner is a marine lover, Mystic Seaport could easily become one of the best romantic getaways in New England. It’s a historic seaport town known for its maritime heritage, charming streets, and quaint little B&Bs. 

Rental agencies like Adventure Mystic or Argia Mystic Cruises will drop you straight into the action with kayak rentals or private sailboat charters. Argia encourages you to pack a picnic basket filled with local treats and a bottle of wine while you cruise around the islands and lighthouses dappled with abounding waves of fresh air. 

When you’re back on dry land, Olde Mistick Village says it all with its name. It’s an open-air village that offers fresh sprays of seasonal sunlight and cool coastal breezes. You’ll be able to explore wondrous boutiques along with world-class dining options. 

When it comes to shopping, where do we begin? You’ll find many hand-crafted gifts, high-fashion jewelry and accessories, international treasures, and mystic-made souvenirs. Alice In the Village and Gineva Murano Glass Jewelry are two specialty shops with plenty to help you commemorate this beautiful getaway. 

Meanwhile, Trattoria Amalfi will show you how to seal the deal with decadent delights savored over some of the most gorgeous sunsets the Atlantic coast offers. 

Providence, Rhode Island

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If you end up enjoying the atmosphere of Mystic, CT, you’ll fall madly in love with Providence’s colorful streets. It’s an artist’s mecca which means you’ll find plenty of pizzazz, diverse neighborhoods, B&Bs that can only be described as gemstones, and a renowned restaurant scene. 

Some of the best art galleries in the nation exist here, including Bert Gallery, David Winton Bell Gallery, and The Main Gallery at City Hall. You’ll also want to create some of your own artwork as you take snapshots of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse, built in a French Empire mansard style. For the best shots, it can be seen from the East Bay Bike Path – a perfect way to spend your day. 

At night, you simply must slip into one of Providence’s speakeasies. The Avery, Needle & Thread, and 345 Speakeasy by Plant City earn high marks and will easily whisk you away to the 1920s and 30s when great cocktails, intimate atmospheres, and live entertainment felt twice as decadent. 

Providence could easily become one of your most memorable New England weekend getaways when you fill it with bright spots of art and a few sips from a speakeasy artisan. 

Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston is one of the most beautiful harbor towns in all of New England, if not all of America. Steeped in history, it’s a treasure trove for history buffs and curious minds, making it a staple for North American travel guides

When you’re shipping up to Boston, some of the major points of interest include the Freedom Trail, Boston Public Library, Boston Public Garden, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace. 

The Freedom Trail takes you past 16 of the city’s most historic sights, including Paul Revere’s House and Old North Church. The Boston Public Garden is free to enter and proudly bears the honor of being America’s first public botanic garden. 

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is absolutely magical, as one of America’s oldest open-air markets. You’re spotting a theme here, aren’t you? It’s why history buffs flock to Boston. You can almost sense the ghosts of our forefathers as you walk down the many cobbled streets in misty moonlight. 

Four buildings make up Faneuil Hall Marketplace – Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market, and South Market. Within this beautiful maze, you’ll discover over 100 shops and restaurants. Whether you’re stocking up your Airbnb with snacks or looking to dine in delight, you’ll find plenty to feast on within this gorgeous open-air marketplace. 

With all its treasures untold, Boston could also fit the bill for a delightful birthday weekend. Be sure to scroll through our birthday vacation ideas where the only goal is to go big before you go home. 

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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It’s possible Massachusetts is the jewel in New England’s crown. Another spot you can’t overlook is Cape Cod. Although it offers endless summer breezes to soothe the soul, there’s a lot of wonder and magic to behold in the peninsula’s off-season, as well. 

Woods Hole is particularly special. There, you’ll find the Woods Hole Inn, consistently named one of America’s top ten B&Bs. As you come and go throughout the day, you’ll find cool lemonade and freshly baked cookies on offer. Every detail is catered to within this inn, including luxurious bedding, clawfoot tubs, and instant access to waterfront restaurants and shops. 

Best of all, it’s steps away from the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry if you’d like to stay in this sacred corner of the northeast a little while longer. With all your island hopping, this New England getaway could easily turn into a beautiful mother-daughter trip, especially if you both love fresh seafood and decadent views over the bay.  

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Portsmouth is another city with just as much sparkle as Providence. Overlooking the Piscataque River, it’s most noted for its picturesque 17th- and 18th-century houses. Whether you come here to enjoy the dappled summer sun or taste the chill in the winter air, you’ll be glad you strolled these historic streets. 

All the museums, restaurants, and shops blend perfectly into Portsmouth’s seacoast landscape. The Strawbery Banke Museum almost always lands atop everyone’s list. It capitalizes on those gorgeous 17th- and 18th-century homes, offering a captivating journey through time as you glimpse into the lives of America’s earliest settlers and discover Portsmouth’s evolution through the ages. 

You can also take on a tasting tour offered by the likes of Portsmouth Eats or a cruise on a steamship. Literary fans particularly enjoy tooling around the Isle of Shoals to seek inspiration from Celia Thaxter’s home. 

When it’s time to dine with the best of them, you simply must visit River House for coastal cooking and endless river views. Over on State Street, Cure is a cozy venue for American dinners and drinks. If you’re only in the mood for drinks and an appetizer, The Wilder is known for their crafty creations, as well as their New American dishes. 

Like Woods Hole, you’ll want to stick as close to the shoreline as possible for some breathtaking views of the water. To take care of that, be sure to check the Ale House Inn’s availability whenever you’re ready to set sail for Portsmouth.  

Stowe, Vermont

stowe vermont
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We have our beaches and ports of call well-covered with Massachusetts. How about a mountain getaway? The secret to Vermont is to nestle into its slopes when the leaves are changing in the autumn or the snow starts to fall in the winter. 

The actual village of Stowe is every Hallmark movie lover’s dream. It’s a small town with about 60 restaurants, cafes, and breweries, making it one of the perfect weekend getaways in New England for those who have a quieter sense of exploration. 

As for skiing and snowboarding, you can glide in and right out at The Lodge at Spruce Creek, the only ski-in, ski-out luxury resort on the mountain. Of course, our friends over at Airbnb and VRBO also have countless ski-in, ski-out rentals to take you to new heights. 

If you have the chance, take the Mansfield Gondola up to the Cliff House Restaurant for lunch in the afternoon. In the evening, visit the WhistlePig Pavillion for regionally-inspired BBQ or Tipsy Trout for some fins and fermentables. 

Whether you come here for winter sports, summer adventures, or casual fall strolls, you’ll wish you could take it all home with you in a snow globe. 

Bar Harbor, Maine

Aerial view of Bar Harbor, Maine. Bar Harbor is a town on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, Maine and a popular tourist destination.
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We often associate beaches with summertime, and Bar Harbor is no exception. But the best travel guides should always prompt you to consider an off-season adventure. 

For something a little more unique, consider a romantic getaway in this harbor town in the dead of winter. Since you were brave enough to embrace it during the offseason, you’ll come away with some of the most spectacular photographs and memories. 

Of course, Acadia National Park is what it’s all about up in Bar Harbor, Maine. But don’t be afraid to take it on in the cooler winter months, especially if you’d like a haunting photo of Bass Harbor Head Light Station, standing alone on Mount Desert Island’s cliffs.  

Some of the tour companies shut down in the winter, but if you prefer to make your own way, you’ll benefit from having everything to yourself, including first-hand opportunities to chat up the locals, and year-round shops and restaurants that the residents like to frequent. 

Some of the best hotels stay open all year long, including the Inn on Mount Desert, a cozy inn that offers made-to-order breakfasts and short walks to Main Street. Little Fig Hotel and Elmhurst Inn will also make you feel right at home with their glowing fireplaces, breakfast menus, and brief stints into town. 

While you’ll find more shops are closed than open in the winter, there’s really only one you need anyway: Sherman’s Maine Coast Bookshop. Is there a better way to unwind at the end of a day of brisk winter walks than a book in front of the fire at your B&B? 

If you time it right, a few extra shops will turn on their lights around the Christmas season. But, you just might find shocking beauty in a visit to this coastal New England town when you have it all to yourself, rounding out the list with what could be one of the best inexpensive weekend getaways in New England.

New England Getaways That Will Feed the Soul

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Any one of these New England getaways will leave you feeling alarmingly recharged. Whether you take on the speakeasies of Providence, the harbor views from Woods Hole, or the charming streets of Bar Harbor, New England is worth every minute of travel time.  

With the right Airbnbs booked, a few nice dinner reservations, and maybe a harbor cruise or two, you can also turn any of these trips into a celebration for the recent grad in your family. 

For more on that, be sure to scroll through our guide to the best graduation trip ideas to celebrate your loved one’s new lease on life.

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