Must See Travel Destinations

Some of the places that are open for tourism travel are:

Dutch Caribbean Islands

You can visit Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Sint Maarten islands. These islands are perfect for eco-conscious travel, plus they offer scuba diving, sandy beaches, exotic cities, and amazing weather. Each of them has its restrictions for travel.


With its white sandy beaches, crystalline waters, and perfect weather, the Maldives should be on top of your post-lockdown travel bucket list.

Costa Rica

Having two coastlines along the Caribbean and Pacific, this country is on the travel destination bucket list of a lot of people because of its natural attractions like beaches, volcanoes, unique wildlife, and cloud forests. It is also an awesome place for bird watching and surfing.


This has been one of the destinations on almost everyone’s travel bucket list. Whether as a first-timer or if you have been there before, there are a lot of sites to enjoy, from breathtaking beaches, volcanoes, and historic temples.

You also get to see jungles that have tigers, orangutans, and elephants in their natural habitat. While it is still closed for general tourism, there are few exceptions for people visiting with business visas, provided they adhere to the set protocols and safety guidelines.


Best known for the stone fortifications and Fort St. Catherine, this North American Island is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. You also get to see and experience its deep turquoise waters and limestone cliffs.

To get on the island, all passengers above ten years old must apply for travel authorization. That costs $75 for every adult and $30 for every child below nine years and flight crew members.


The Bahamas is another travel destination you should have on your bucket list. Some of the things that make it a travel destination are the breathtakingly beautiful white sandy beaches, learning about the history of pirates, the swimming pigs of Exuma, and a chance to participate in fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving.