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Hidden Gems: Post Offices to Luxury Stays

Historic post offices, with their grand facades and intricate architectural details, have been the center of communication in cities for centuries. As times have changed, some of these majestic buildings have found new life as luxury hotels. Here are seven post offices worldwide that have been transformed into stunning hotels, combining rich history with modern luxury.

The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

The fullerton hotel
Photo by Jay on Pexels

Formerly: The General Post Office Building

Built-in 1928, the Fullerton Building housed the General Post Office and was known as the “Most Important Post Office in the East.” After extensive renovations, it reopened as The Fullerton Hotel in 2001.

With 400 rooms and suites, The Fullerton Hotel elegantly marries neoclassical architecture with contemporary luxury. Don’t miss The Post Bar, which still has some of the original post office counters, and the Heritage Gallery, which exhibits the building’s history. Dip in the infinity pool overlooking the Singapore River and indulge in the hotel’s world-class spa.

The Old Clare Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Formerly: The Clare Hotel Post Office

The Old Clare Hotel combines two heritage-listed buildings: the Carlton & United Breweries Administration Building and The Clare Hotel Post Office. The latter was constructed in the early 20th century.

The Old Clare Hotel boasts 62 rooms, each with a unique layout that reflects the building’s history. The rooftop pool and bar offer a panoramic view of Sydney. The hotel is a culinary destination with an array of dining options, including Automata and A1 Canteen.

1 West Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Formerly: The U.S. Post Office and Federal Building

1 West Las Olas, previously the U.S. Post Office and Federal Building, is a stunning example of Mediterranean Revival architecture. The building, constructed in 1937, was a post office until the 1970s.

The building’s revival as 1 West Las Olas brings together history and luxury. Each room is meticulously designed to reflect the building’s heritage, with modern amenities. The hotel’s restaurant offers fine dining, and the rooftop terrace offers unparalleled views of Fort Lauderdale.

Hotel Jakarta, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DU: Photo Credit: Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Formerly: Amsterdam Central Post Office

Hotel Jakarta, a unique, sustainable European hotel, is built on the former Amsterdam Central Post Office site. This location was where ships departed for Jakarta in the early 20th century.

Hotel Jakarta boasts 200 luxurious rooms with a unique architectural style blending Amsterdam and Jakarta’s heritage. The subtropical garden and the wellness center with a swimming pool are highlights. Café Jakarta offers an amalgamation of Dutch and Indonesian cuisines.

The Hotel Indigo, Venice, Italy

DU: Photo Credit: IHG

Formerly: A Venetian Post Office

Situated on the quiet Sant’Elena island, the Hotel Indigo was once a post office in the early 1930s. The hotel now offers a peaceful retreat away from the bustling tourist spots in Venice.

The Hotel Indigo has 75 rooms designed to reflect the culture and history of Venice. The Savor Restaurant offers local cuisines, and the Garden Bar is perfect for evening cocktails. The hotel is also a short walk from Venice’s main attractions.

The Address, Dubai, UAE

DU: Photo Credit Orbitz

Formerly: Dubai Main Post Office

The Address is situated in the iconic Downtown Dubai, built on Dubai’s Main Post Office site. It has quickly become one of the most sought-after luxury hotels in Dubai.

With 196 rooms, The Address offers opulence and grandeur. Each room has a balcony with stunning views of Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Fountain. Enjoy dining in the hotel’s upscale restaurants and relax in the world-class spa. The infinity pool on the terrace is perfect for unwinding in the dazzling skyline.

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

DU: Photo Credit: Alma Lusa Hotels

Formerly: Lisbon’s City Post Office

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado is housed in a charming 18th-century building that served as Lisbon’s City Post Office. Located in the vibrant Baixa-Chiado district, it’s surrounded by history and culture.

The hotel has 28 rooms that seamlessly blend vintage charm with modern amenities. The design elements are inspired by Portuguese culture. The on-site restaurant, Delfina, offers authentic Portuguese dishes with a modern twist. Explore nearby attractions like Praça do Comércio and the waterfront.

These historic post-offices-turned-luxury hotels offer more than just a place to stay; they are a gateway to the past, where stories of yesteryears merge with modern-day comfort and luxury. Whether it’s the neoclassical grandeur of The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore or the tranquil retreat Hotel Indigo in Venice, these hotels provide a unique experience stamped with history.

For travelers seeking a stay that offers both historical richness and contemporary luxury, these seven hotels stand as monuments to a bygone era and an invitation to experience luxury in a setting that has witnessed countless stories. From the iconic structures in bustling cities like Dubai to the quaint charm of Lisbon’s streets, these post offices have delivered their letters and are now ready to host guests in the lap of luxury. Explore the world with a sense of history at your doorstep and a first-class ticket to luxury.

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