4th of July Getaways: Last Minute US Escapes

Top 10 Last Minute 4th of July Getaways

fireworks in the sky with a little american flag
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With July 4th being just a few weeks away and our nation’s birthday, it’s a perfect time to find some spectacular destinations worth traveling to. These last-minute 4th of July getaways could mean a little road trip or a flight to some of the top hot spots in the United States known to celebrate Independence Day HARD. We have budget-friendly ideas and more luxurious options for those looking to splurge on their 4th of July celebrations. These getaways are perfect for a quick or extended vacation; it’s your choice!
We have multiple options for travelers with all types of preferences. Maybe you’re in search of the top live music destinations. Well, then Nashville should be at the top of your list. Or perhaps you’re looking for the biggest and best fireworks display? Travel to Philadelphia for the 6-day annual festival celebrating Independence Day. Maybe you’re looking for a sunshine escape with the family. We have several options to warm you up and will entice you to book that flight ASAP. Of course, the last-minute getaway that’s perfect for you depends on your preferences and budget.

1. Nashville, Tennessee

nashville's 4th of july fireworks extravaganza
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When thinking of music and the 4th of July celebrations, Nashville is the only location that comes to mind. The Let Freedom Sing! Music City July 4th is one of the biggest music events for the fourth of July. With headliners like Brad Paisley and Chris Young, this incredible festival promises country lovers an amazing time. This annual show concludes the night, lighting up the sky with a breathtaking fireworks display in downtown Nashville. The perfect spot to view these fireworks is from above at some of the hottest rooftops in the area. One of the rooftops worth grabbing tickets for is Acme’s 4th of July Rooftop Party; here, you can experience all the hype of celebrating the 4th of July in Nashville.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

a group of people dressed in colonial clothing
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Did you know that the city that played a fundamental part in the American Revolution is also a landmark for several 4th of July celebrations? Boston is home to some of the most extravagant Fourth of July Festivals. The biggest one is the Boston Harborfest. This family-friendly festival is one of the United States’ largest 4th of July celebrations, spanning over 4 days with live music, parades, fireworks, and much more. You won’t want to miss the Changing of the Guard, which transports most guests back to 1775 and allows all to experience the “colonists” interacting with the “British soldiers.” This festival is one worth traveling to for sure.

3. St. Louis, Missouri

fireworks light up the sky over the capitol building in st louis, mo
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Most people don’t think of Missouri when looking for getaways for the 4th of July, but we’re here to tell you it’s a great destination to celebrate this holiday. The iconic Mississippi River and Gateway Arch serve as the backdrop for the fireworks; what more can you ask for? St. Louis is catered to grown-ups looking to let loose and enjoy the city’s electric nightlife. St. Louis is mainly known for its four-day, 4th of July weekend fireworks spectacular at Fair St. Louis. This festival has airshows, concerts, fireworks, a parade, and much more, leaving you stimulated at all times.

4. Washington, D.C.

fireworks explode over the capitol building in washington dc
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This might be cliche, but Washington, D.C., has to be the most patriotic destination for the 4th of July. Being in D.C. during the country’s holiday is cool enough, but watching the fireworks explode over the National Mall is even cooler. The fireworks add a glow to all the iconic buildings and memorials, making for an incredible sight. Along with the fireworks, you can experience the National Independence Day Parade in the early afternoon, starting at Constitution Ave NW and spanning to 7th St NW.

5. Las Vegas, NV

the las vegas skyline at dusk
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The Fourth of July ignites Las Vegas, transforming it from America’s neon capital into a pyrotechnic wonderland. The spectacular fireworks make Las Vegas stand out, but there are several other reasons to visit. Las Vegas has some of the best hotels, nightclubs, and pool parties; the 4th of July elevates them even more. You won’t have to worry about boredom in Vegas because there will always be something to do before and after the fireworks. The must-see fireworks show is on the Las Vegas Strip, hosted by Caesars Palace. The resort’s pool offers a night swim event, where you can experience this fireworks show to the max.

6. Bristol, Rhode Island

bristol's 4th of july parade
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For those looking to visit the landmark where it all began, look no further than Bristol, Rhode Island. Bristol is home to one of America’s oldest Fourth of July celebrations, which all started in 1785. Not only is Bristol an iconic destination for celebrating Independence Day, but you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the best beaches along the pristine coastline and indulge in the best seafood in New England. Several parades are worth watching, and countless fireworks explode over this beach town. It’s also good to note that these activities span from June to the 4th of July, so you can always visit before traveling to another state.

7. New York City, New York

the new york city skyline is lit up with fireworks at night
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The Big Apple is already a city that never sleeps, but when you’re there on the 4th of July, it lives up to its name even more. One of the most iconic and televised events is Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show. This show attracts visitors from all over the country and has been a tradition in New York since 1976. The fireworks show lasts about 25 minutes and launches off about 65,000 shells within 5 different barges on the Hudson River. New York already gives off a pretty epic vibe, but the Fourth of July solidifies it even more.

8. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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If you want to make your 4th of July getaway a little vacation, Myrtle Beach is the ultimate place to be. Myrtle Beach provides families with all the beach fun on a boardwalk. The boardwalk has shops, attractions, and restaurants, providing several stimulating experiences for kids and adults. Those looking to experience spectacular fireworks shows don’t worry; there are various spots to see them, with the most famous one being Broadway at the Beach. Also, don’t leave without seeing one of the iconic parades like the Pawleys Island Parade or the Murrells Inlet Boat Parade.

9. Colorado Springs, Colorado

fireworks lining the mountains of colordao springs
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Colorado Springs is the perfect location for those looking to get away to the mountains for this holiday. Watching the fireworks erupt over the skies in the Pikes Peak Region is truly a sight to see. The Star Spangled Symphony plays late afternoon in the Pikes Peak Center, allowing visitors to gather together and hear an array of patriotic tunes. Colorado Springs is the chill destination for the 4th of July celebrations.

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

fireworks in the sky over a city at night
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Ah, how could we forget about Philly, the country’s most iconic Independence Day destination? What better place to be on the 4th of July than Philadelphia, the country’s birthplace? The annual Wawa Welcome America Festival lasts 16 days, starting June 19th and ending July 4th. This festival hosts multiple free concerts and a breathtaking fireworks display that lights up the sky over the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Being in Philly for the 4th of July should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list!

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