10 Places to Live Abroad When Moving Out of America

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When choosing where to live abroad, what’s most important to you? Is it like-minded art lovers? Or perhaps you’re searching for fellow learners looking to enroll in a new university program in a foreign country. 

One thing’s for sure: your feet will always take you where your heart is. But, no matter where you go, personal safety will always reign supreme. A clean and efficient public transportation system is also important because you may not have access to a car when you first arrive. 

We’ve toured the planet and scouted the best places for you to call home when you’re ready to say goodbye to America. The cities below rank well in terms of personal safety, public transportation, and dazzling communities filled with fellow expats planning to seize the day. 

Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo is consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the world. Crime rates are as low as 20.80, which is well below the global average. For comparison, Los Angeles is triple that at 60.30. 

Tokyo city also offers a clean, fast, and efficient mass transit system. Most people rent or own their apartments, so you’re likely to hone in on a nice, quiet space to call home with plenty of access to public parks, every shop under the sun, and some of the freshest sushi you may ever feast upon. 


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Like Tokyo, Singapore is also known for its low crime rate, thanks to its strict laws. Here, you’ll have the benefit of living in a clean and safe city with easy access to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. 

Also known as the Lion City, residents and visitors alike have the pleasure of strolling through clean streets, eclectic neighborhoods with varying cultural influences, and white, sandy shorelines. There are two destinations in Singapore that just might rival the Garden of Eden: Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Botanic Gardens. 

When you have a free weekend, you might want to ride a cable car out of the city to Sentosa Island. Not a bad way of living, right? You have the touchpoints of a multicultural city and the unmistakable beauty of an island within reach by a cable car. 

For more on the best things to do in Singapore, check out our in-depth guide that will make you want to stay forever. 

Seoul, South Korea

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The theme continues in terms of public safety. There’s something to be said for the freedom of being able to walk through the streets without fear. In Seoul, there’s a strong police presence which results in low crime rates. 

Like its neighboring countries, Seoul also boasts an incredible public transportation system. It’s often ranked as one of the best systems in the world, thanks to its high tech bus stops. They’ll escort you to any one of the major cities in the country. Seoul’s subway system is equally fast, easy, and reliable. Signs are in English and Korean, so you’ll never be in fear of getting lost for too long. 

There’s another thing South Korea is known for. It’s cornered the market on skin care. If you love taking care of your body, from the inside out, Korea will be glad to reciprocate and help you live a wonderfully healthy lifestyle. 

Sydney, Australia

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It’s difficult to find something negative to say about Sydney. The people are warm and welcoming, and the city is full of life, thanks to its cultural venues. 

It has a strong infrastructure, including an efficient mass transportation system, low crime, and an excellent healthcare system, just like its neighbors to the north. 

People rarely want to talk about the weather, but, in this instance, we simply must talk about the weather. With a mild climate, you may have a few warm days that push your personal limits, but you won’t struggle with a terribly long winter season. 

Like Singapore, it’s wonderful to know you’ll have access to all the urban delights of a densely populated area, along with pristine beaches that are just a few steps away. With national parks, theaters, restaurants, bars, and universities, there’s simply nothing left to say except, “How soon can I move?” 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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People from around the globe flock to Amsterdam for its beautiful streets and national gardens. Tulip season, anyone? But, it also scores well when it comes to personal safety. 

Astride its picturesque canals and unique facades, one of the best ways to get around Amsterdam is by bicycle; you’ll see people pedaling to and from the office on a daily basis. 

Still, like other well-kept cities, its public transportation is efficiently run with plenty of access points to get you where you’re going on the days you don’t want to take the bike. 

Frankfurt, Germany

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Like its neighbor to the east, Frankfurt can also lay claim to low crime rates, efficient mass transit, and exceptional healthcare services for those who are eligible. Because it’s a financial metropolis, Frankfurt has become a popular city for expats due to its lucrative jobs and high standard of living. 

You’re also a mere train ride away from other thriving metropolises like Berlin, a beautiful city with a rich history, glowing nightlife, and advancing tech space. You’ll find many digital nomads there who are living their best lives. 

Prague, Czech Republic

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When considering a life abroad, it’s possible to create a fairy tale for yourself, castle and all. Prague can bring all your imaginings to life, thanks to its stunning architecture and medieval roots. It actually lays claim to the oldest castle in the world, dating all the way back to the 9th century. 

In the last ten years or so, thousands of expats have honed in on Prague, meaning you won’t have to feel homesick for too long, especially in a fairy tale oasis like this. It also offers an affordable cost of living and is perfectly positioned to help you board a train and visit a wealth of other European meccas with ease. 

Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon is not only colorful and vibrant, thanks to its beautiful downtown and stunning coastal views, but also quite affordable when stacked up against the rest of Europe. 

Barcelona, for example, is a similar cultural hotspot for expats, but it tends to rank a little bit higher in terms of crime and cost of living. 

Perhaps it’s the locals or the warm and friendly climate, but Lisbon is a bit of a haven for expats seeking a relaxed and affordable lifestyle where people blend well together and treat their fellow man with courtesy and respect.   

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Now that your Portuguese is perfect, you might want to stretch your legs and practice your Spanish in one of the most colorful cities in South America. 

The beauty of Buenos Aires is that it boasts European-style architecture, a beautiful art scene, and an endless array of restaurants – like Barcelona and Lisbon. However, the cost of living is far more manageable and you’re likely to find just as many smart and sophisticated expats. 

Galway, Ireland

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We’ll round things off with a city that doesn’t require regular sessions with a local tutor to learn the language. While Dublin often ranks as the cultural touchpoint for most of Ireland, its sister city on the west coast has just as much to offer. 

For most people, the fact that Ed Sheeran wrote a song about a Galway Girl is enough. But, its university is another draw for people yearning to live outside the United States. 

Known for its rich artistic and musical community, you won’t be hard-pressed to see people stowing a fiddle under their desk at work so they can join a local, live music session at five o’clock. 

Nestled along the bay, Galway is also the entry point to a magical stretch of land called the Wild Atlantic Way, which is a portal to the past and a roadway that’ll help you discover the finest towns and villages Ireland has to offer in all its verdant glory. 

The Best Places to Live Abroad

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Take your shot! After all, you only have this one, precious life. Make a plan and then build your bridge to the dreamiest city of your choice. 

For wonderfully-inspired, clean living, consider Seoul or Singapore. For a vibrant community of like-minded expats, see what Europe has to offer by way of the Czech Republic or the Netherlands. 

If you’ve spent all those years studying Spanish, then be sure to consider Buenos Aires or continue to expand your horizons with Portuguese in Lisbon. No matter where the horizon takes you, you’re in for some of the most beautiful sunsets and a flurry of newly opened doors. 

As you travel the colorful road called life, keep coming back to visit us for more. Our destination guides are updated every day with your personal safety and adventurous heart in mind. Some day, we hope to see you out there where all the digital nomads are thriving! 

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